Many Fun Things to Do in Napa | Balloons Above the Valley

When talking about the highest time for fun things to do in Napa Valley, it’s certainly the summer season. Food and music festivals go right here and there; resorts, lodgings, and tasting rooms are jacking up their rates to take advantage of the throngs of tourists that flock in the Wine Country.

You’d think that summer is the best season to visit the Napa Valley. But actually, any season is a good time to go to Napa, even in winter. Winter? Nope, Napa Valley is not exactly a winter wonderland like in many other regions in the US, because it’s a different kind of winter here.

Winters in Napa are usually cool and wet, but there are sunny skies as well. This season may be the quietest time in Napa, but it doesn’t mean it’s less exciting or enchanting.

In fact, of all the seasons in Napa, winter definitely cuts the mustard… pardon the pun. It’s because you get to see rows of strikingly beautiful yellow wild mustard blooms that grow and proliferate around the bare, sleeping vineyards. Winter in Napa can actually be the greenest season with the emerald hills and fields. These seasonal changes also signify the coming the Cabernet season. Tourists would enjoy warm, hearty meals and raise a toast of the Cabernet Sauvignon. There are activities that celebrate the Cabernet season, so better check out several events, festivals, and promotions to get you into the Cabernet groove.

Apart from the lesser crowds, one of the reasons why a few knowledgeable tourists love Napa during the winter is the unbelievable discounts! Hotels and other lodgings, as well as wineries and tasting rooms, are slashing prices down, as low as 40%. Still, on the subject on discounts, the “Winter in the Wineries Season” in Calistoga gives another reason for tourists to head to the Wine Country. It offers incredible discounts on various accommodations from luxury hotels, comfy breakfast-and-beds, and of course, wines and wine tasting. You can even enjoy free wine tastings at several different wineries!

The cool and mild weather during the winter also favors certain pleasurable activities, such as a hot air balloon adventure. Hot air balloons generally work better when the outside air is cool because a hot air is light while a cool air is dense. The cooler the outside air gets, the air inside the hot air balloon gets warmer. As a result, the hot air balloon will become lighter which causes it to fly high. That explains why hot air ballooning is much preferred to be done late in the afternoon, early in the evening or early in the morning, or during the chillier months (as long as the winds are stable and there is no precipitation or snow).

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is always there when you need to make your hot air ballooning dreams in Napa a reality anytime of the year. With over 40 years of experience, we have kept our commitment and passion for flying and making our guests happy and satisfied with our unbeatable flying experience and unique Napa hospitality. You will always be welcomed and received warmly, no matter how hot or chilly the seasons will be.

Enjoy the wide, uninterrupted views of the Napa Valley in winter and be amazed by its unique seasonal beauty, with the landscape being almost dominated by the rows of vividly yellow wild mustard flowers, and the bright green hills and fields completing the picture-perfect scenery. It’s nothing like winter like the winter season in Napa Valley.

Wintertime means otherworldly beauty, cozier getaways, quieter moments, Cabernets and hearty meals in the Wine Country. These are just a few of the many other fun things to do in Napa Valley in the wintertime… and they are only waiting for you to explore!