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Balloons Above the Valley: Napa’s Iconic Balloon Ride Company

Bob-Bararick-HeadshotAt the beginning of his Journey, Bob Barbarick in 1975 as a pioneering hot air balloon aviator began flying in the Napa Valley when there were very few vineyards. Since then he has established the company now known as Balloons Above the Valley and has grown his company to become one of the most prominent hot air balloon aviation companies in America.

Bob Barbarick founded Balloons Above the Valley as the first such company providing flights in the largest hot air balloons in America, then and now, built by Cameron Balloons, a U.S company. Mr. Barbarick’s vision was to evolve into a high level guest service oriented company providing an experience that would become a major attraction in the world renowned Napa Valley. This has been accomplished: hot air balloons have become a major presence and an ‘icon’ in our region.

Since that time, Balloons Above the Valley has built a reputation that surpasses all others in industry standards, quality of service, operations and flight safety. Balloons Above the Valley continues to this day the attention to detail and “I Care” attitude that has established its current standing as the premier hot air balloon company in Northern California. The high standards and attention to detail, customer service, safety standards, balloon design and employee relations has enabled Balloons Above the Valley to retain and maintain its’ prominence and standing with both the visitors and the industry in Northern California.

Balloons Above the Valley lives the belief that when you treat everyone like you would like to be treated, you will be successful in whatever you do. This has proven to be true for us. Balloons Above the Valley has stood the test of time for over 40 years and counting. Such commitment to excellence and customer experience has enabled our company to last and thrive!

We take pride in procuring and maintaining the highest quality aircraft and selecting the most experienced pilots. We hold in highest regard that we provide an experience that our passengers remember for a lifetime.

We live by, serve by and grow by our guests’ safety and fulfilling experience. This is our #1 priority ~ Always!