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Are you looking for a team-building idea? A hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley is a terrific option, a shared adventure that develops camaraderie among team members, and each will remember the experience for a long time.

A Napa Valley hot air balloon ride is a fantastic way to greet the day, a mind-clearing experience that lets you escape the challenges that each day brings. This aspect of a hot air balloon ride will draw your group together, offering a unique and unconventional team-building approach.

A safe and memorable shared experience like this draws your team together, creating lasting new bonds during the high-flying adventure.

Relieving the Stress

Team members will learn together how to overcome stress and promote well-being as they drift quietly and safely above the towns and vineyards of Napa Valley. Each person will relax, forgetting the day’s cares, and enjoy together the incredible scenery that can only be viewed from this vantage point. This sense of well-being allows members to connect on a personal level, separate from their daily routine.

Enhancing Personal Communications

The hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley will highlight communications with each other and the balloon’s pilot. The focus will be on safety, enjoying the flight to its maximum, and achieving the common goal of a safe and comfortable flight and landing.

Sharing Memorable Team Moments

Long after the balloon has landed safely at the destination, team members will have lasting memories of your hot air balloon ride.

In addition, Balloons Above the Valley offers other team-building opportunities following hot air balloon rides. Your group can also participate in a delightful group wine-tasting activity conducted by Platypus Wine Tours. The wine tour does not have to be on the same day, so you can arrange both to fit your schedule.

Balloons Above the Valley Experience

Balloons Above the Valley has been a premiere hot air balloon ride company in Napa Valley since 1975, when Bob Barbarick began. Since then, the company has built a reputation for its quality of service, maintaining industry standards, operations expertise, and flight safety.

The day will start with early morning coffee and pastries at the Model Bakery, and then we will proceed to the take-off area where your hot air balloon is being inflated.

Once ready, all will prepare to board the hot air balloon ride. The pilot will give essential safety instructions. The balloon will begin to rise, and a whole new world will start to appear.

Passengers greet the morning sun as an unfamiliar vision unfolds. The rolling countryside, the towns and vineyards, and the surrounding mountains appear as you and your teammates witness the incredible features of Napa Valley.

Reserve Your Group Outing

To learn more and reserve your places for a future team-building activity, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website.

Also, to discuss your plan with a Balloons Above the Valley professional, call 1-800-464-6824.