Wine Country for Kids | Balloons Above the Valley - Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa

Napa and Sonoma are the world famous wine country regions that bring in millions to tour beautiful vineyards and try amazing wines. But if you’re craving a wine country getaway but are not sure what to do with your kids, check out these fun and kid-friendly suggestions. From amazing hot air balloon rides Napa offers to Sonoma’s TrainTown, your little ones are sure to have an amazing time while you still get to enjoy wine country!

Sonoma TrainTown Railroad

Charming, old-fashioned, and in the heart of Sonoma, TrainTown is a fun and immersive experience for kids. With vintage quarter-scale railroad park features locomotives that children can explore. A 20-minute ride takes kids aboard a choo-choo to the zoo where they can feed animals. The amusement park includes a Ferris wheel, carousel, and ice cream. Admission is free but just pay for the rides. And the location is prime, a few blocks from Sonoma plaza where you can indulge in bakeries, cheese shops, and more. Definitely a place to explore after your Napa hot air balloon ride!

Old Faithful Geyser, Calistoga

This geyser sits among the beautiful hills in Calistoga surrounded by sheep, goats, and llamas. Every 20-30 minutes, Old Faithful goes off. Watch a rainbow form among the mist and teach your kids about how it’s actually a decent predictor of earthquakes too. When the geyser schedule deviates, a earthquake is likely to happen within 500 miles. Head over to Calistoga after a morning of hot air balloon rides in Napa and enjoy the charming downtown.

3 Sterling Vineyards, Calistoga

After visiting the geyser, get whisked away on a gondola ride 300 feet above the ground. Your kids will love the ride and you’ll adore the view. Arrive at the rooftop terrace with panoramic views and tour the winery while your kids enjoy the snack boxes with cookies juice and coloring books.

Castello di Amorosa

Take the family to a Tuscan Castle in North of Napa. Let your kids explore the replica of a 13th century Tuscan castle and try some tasty wines too! Kids will love the high towers, dungeons, traditional moat and you will love tasting Italian style wines as well as the gift shop. And the views are fantastic. But where can you see the best views of Napa? On a Napa hot air balloon ride!

Safari West, Santa Rosa and Petrified Forest, Calistoga

The Safari West is a 400 acre wildlife preserve where you can find giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, and lots of birds. This is heaven for kids and an amazing chance to learn about the environment and some furry friends. Off-road jeeps take you through this classic adventure. The Petrified Forest in Calistoga offers amazing petrified redwood giants which a volcanic eruption turned to stone long ago. A half mile walk will let you enjoy this natural wonder. Create a day of nature by starting with hot air balloon rides in Napa followed by exploring the safari or forest!

Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Adventures

What better way to enjoy wine country than from high above! The best hot air balloon rides Napa has to offer are by Balloons Above the Valley where you and your kids can see Napa and its sweeping vineyard views. Enjoy the many hot air balloon rides Napa packages including Champagne Brunch, wine tour, and tour from San Francisco.

Complete your wine country getaway with hot air balloon rides Napa adventures and create unforgettable memories with your family! With all these fun things to do with kids, who said Wine Country was just for adults?