Vacations in Napa Valley Don’t Have to Happen in Summer

Although summertime is considered the peak season, anytime is the perfect time to take vacations in Napa Valley. You can’t really go wrong catching the “best” season in Napa.

The highest time for the Northern California wine region is late spring until late fall. The temperature varies from hot to damp, and the nights are cool and crisp. Clusters of small grapes growing on the vines, green foliage and of course, bright and shiny days are the usual sights during the summer. Witness those clusters of grapes growing bigger and plumper as they ripen towards harvest during autumn. The days are still sunny but the winds are noticeably cooler, and the vine leaves change colors just like the leaves of the trees. This means the valleys are dominated by the golden seasonal colors.

Winter months in Napa mean a quiet countryside, barren vineyards, and cold and occasionally rainy days. But winter also means emerald hills and valleys, vast fields of brilliant yellow wild mustard blooms, slashed-down hotel rates (which you can take great advantage of), sparse crowds, and relaxed traffic. Not to mention that winter also makes a perfect excuse to curl up snugly and sip a Cabernet Sauvignon wine by the fireplace. Spring is when the tiny buds appear on the vines, some species of trees, and some flowering shrubs. The air can be damp in the spring and the night can be freezing at times, but everything feels bright, vibrant, and refreshing.

The Napa Valley is accessible by many kinds of transportation throughout the year. While a lot of people — especially Californians — swear by doing wine tours in Napa means having your own car, this is not actually true. Thankfully, there are a lot of transportation options these days that range from rented cars, public transportation, trains, and ferries. Besides, it’s not a good idea to do the driving after a few hours of wine tastings! Better leave the driving to someone else. A good suggestion is to consider Napa Valley Wine Tours — its fleet of gorgeous limousines will take you to several wineries through the valley. Not only they will do the driving, they will also help plan the tours for you. The better news is that online booking at the Napa Valley Wine Tours’ website is fast and easy, and you can even customize your own itinerary.

If you’re planning wine tours, choose the wineries that appeal most to you. If you enjoy red wines or white wines in particular, choose the winery that plugs the reds or the whites in its tours. If you love caves, choose the wineries that have one. Wine tours can be done at any time of the year. A reminder, though — a lot of the wineries can get really crowded during the summer, and some are closed during the winter, especially on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Festivals abound throughout the year in Napa. Summer is the peak of festivals that range from food and wine to live music (many of which are held outdoors), art and cultural events. Fall is the great time to participate in harvesting and grape-stomping festivals, and other events that celebrate the bounty harvest. Winter also has a handful of festivals and events, including the Truffle Festival and the Cabernet Sauvignon release season, where these iconic, award-winning varietals are first made available for tasting and sale at several wineries.

Do you know that sunrise hot air ballooning can also be done in any season in Napa? Floating thousands of feet above the ground is the best way to do sightseeing in the region, as every season opens Napa to its particular charm and beauty. See the neat, immaculately planted rows of lush vineyards, rolling hills and valleys, as well as occasional fog. From the lush, verdant greens in the summer to the spectacular display of golden colors in autumn to fields of bright yellow and emerald green in the winter, every season is beautiful in Napa especially when seen from the floating hot air balloon.

Experience the thrill and adventure of a ballooning with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), one of the pioneers in the hot air balloon tour industry in Napa. Our seasoned and experienced pilots share your love for the outdoors and flying. They will make you feel safe through the course of the journey. Our hospitality staff brings you the warmest welcome and the best service no matter the season. In addition to the rides, BATV also provides pre-flight breakfast and the traditional post-flight brunch with sparkling wine. If you want to incorporate wine tours with the hot air balloon rides, BATV has the wine tour packages that will satisfy your passion for wines and the vineyards. We will absolutely welcome your inquiries and need for assistance in booking your tours with us at any time, in any season, of the year — not just in the summer months!

You don’t have to worry if you miss the summer months in Napa. Honestly, all seasons in Napa are the best, and each of them its own particular charm. So it doesn’t have to be summer to truly experience the best vacations in Napa Valley.