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When a free day or two pops up on your calendar, why not swap those home chores and lawn care drudgery for something far more exciting?

How about a fun-filled and memorable escape for two to Napa Valley?

While the local businesses and communities offer enough adventures and fun things to do in Napa Valley to keep you busy for an entire year, the challenge for a single day or weekend visit is prioritizing those activities that will make your stay most memorable.

Planning Your Day-Long Adventure to Napa Valley

Here is a brief sketch of a fun-filled day that will satisfy your need to escape while providing a memorable escape from the humdrum of daily life. Arrive the night before, perhaps, and stay in one of Napa Valley’s charming hotels or B&Bs to get a really early start on your day of adventure and discovery. You can also see a list of current and fun tour companies here:

Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

 The fun begins before daybreak as you journey to the Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon launch site. There you watch the balloon being inflated as you prepare to board for your safe and thrilling journey above Napa Valley.

As the hot air balloon begins to rise and you greet the sunrise, you and your partner will behold a breathtaking panorama of the Napa Valley landscape as viewed from your ever-changing vantage point. You will drift slowly and quietly toward the prescribed landing area as you marvel at the vineyards, wineries, and picturesque communities framed by mountains to the east and west.

After about a one-hour flight, your experienced and licensed pilot will guide your balloon to a soft and safe landing at the destination. Once you disembark, you and your partner will be energized and ready for your next adventure.

The premier hot air balloon ride Napa Valley company, Balloons Above the Valley, is committed to ensuring passenger satisfaction, enjoyable experience, and the utmost safety.

Wine Tour

Following your hot air balloon Napa Valley ride, the best, most comprehensive, and safest way to learn about Napa Valley winemaking is to reserve your place for a tour with one of Napa Valley’s top wine tour companies. Visit two or three boutique Napa Valley wineries and wine tastings as you travel safely from point to point in a modern, well-equipped van driven by a responsible professional driver.

Enjoy and learn from the commentary as you travel from place to place. You will learn anecdotally about the intricacies of the agriculture and winemaking art that produce some of your favorite wines.

A truly educational and fun thing to do in Napa Valley is a professionally curated wine tour through Wine Country.

Relax and Enjoy the Evening

 After some rest and time to relax, head out for an evening of entertainment. You may choose from several highly rated restaurants (many are Michelin-starred) or check the live local entertainment available.

One of the truly unique, free, and entertaining options for an evening’s enjoyment is to attend one of the many live “under the stars” concerts presented by some of the communities of Napa Valley.

After your adventurous day of fun activities in Napa Valley, spread a blanket and enjoy the live Music in the Park in performances held weekly in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, and elsewhere. You should check out the communities’ websites for dates and times.

Make Your Reservations with Balloons Above the Valley

 Observing the glorious Napa Valley scenery during a hot air balloon ride Napa Valley has become one of the most popular things to do in Napa for visitors to the area.

Make your Reservations or purchase your Gift Certificates for any future hot air balloon rides with Balloons Above the Valley by visiting their website.

You may also phone one of the reservationists at 1-800-464-6824 for future bookings or any questions you may have.