Staying Safe During a Honeymoon in Napa Valley

In order to have an enjoyable honeymoon in Napa Valley, as all the other purposes of traveling in the wonderful Wine Country, one has to stay safe.

Going around vineyards and to wineries are part of the must-do’s on your list of Napa activities. In order to remain safe during your wine tours, you have to avoid getting drunk, especially if you’re expected to taste a lot of wines. Spit the samplings of wine into a spitoon instead of gulping them.

So what happens when you’re feeling a bit tipsy after visiting wineries, especially when you yourself do the driving around the area? You know that driving under the influence of (DUI) of alcohol will likely cause vehicular and/or pedestrian accidents, even if you’re trying to drive carefully. You don’t want an unpleasant episode like this to become a part of your Napa memories for years to come.

Hire a driver instead. Not only is this necessary to your safety and to the safety of your loved ones (and also of those around you), a good driver also knows his way around the wine country. A great driver will most likely guide you about what are the best places to visit.

Going for an adventurous honeymoon? If you and your new husband or wife love the outdoors in particular, go hiking and exploring! Still, nothing beats the basic hiking tips to ensure your safety. Be sure to bring enough water when hiking; have at least two liters of water for each of you, or even more when the hike is going to be more arduous especially during the summer season. Observe the rules imposed by the management of hiking trail parks.

When hiking, it’s also good to wear long-sleeved clothing or arm sleeves to avoid plants such as those with thorns or poison ivy, which is known for causing irritation and painful rashes on the skin. In case you come in contact with such plants, wash the affected area with soap and water, and use a hydrocortisone cream to keep the rash from spreading.

It is also extremely important to watch over your belongings during your stay in Napa. Although it looks like a safe place, there have been few incidences of missing valuables and other personal effects at hotels, other lodgings, and vehicles.

This is not to say that all the hotel staff, especially the maids that tidy up your suite whenever you’re out, are not trustworthy. However, you might as well become vigilant over your personal belongings especially the most important ones. Bring your own phone, your credit card, your camera, and cherished items like your heirloom necklace with you whenever you leave your suite to go on a wine tour.

If you want to go on a hot air balloon adventure but are concerned about safety, you might as well choose an operator with an excellent safety record. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has been around for four decades and ever since guests have been feeling safe as well as satisfied. They have enjoyed their flights with us.

When you go to Balloons Above the Valley, you know you have made the right choice. Safety is our top concern and priority to ensure smooth, pleasurable flights for our guests.

After you are driven to the launch site, you will be given a safety talk by one of our pilots before having the ride of your life!

Our pilots are backed up by years of experience in hot air ballooning and are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They are passionate about flying, the outdoors, and meeting new faces. They are considered the frontrunners of the art and industry of hot air ballooning. Our pilots work hard to make sure that you have the safest and the most enjoyable moments with BATV, from the takeoff to the touchdown.

Do you want to have a more intimate hot air ballooning experience? When you have chosen a “honeymoon flight” over the Napa Valley, pick BATV’s “Exclusive Flights” package where you can enjoy the entire basket to yourselves (except for the pilot, of course), and a private table at our after-flight champagne brunch.

Fun and romance should fill the air especially in a picturesque region like Napa. Be watchful over your personal belongings and be mindful about your safety so that you will create the most eventful and most memorable honeymoon in Napa Valley.