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A hot air balloon Napa Valley is an occasion that many recognize as one of the most rewarding personal adventures available. From the beginning to the soft landing, the flight progresses along the Valley, revealing the vineyards and many wineries of the area. The view becomes even more magnificent, with the mountains on either side framing the entire scene.

Everyone needs to participate in hot air balloon rides at some time, and hot air balloon Napa Valley is the best.

What Should I Wear?

Passengers should think about layers as they begin their early morning adventure on one of Napa Valley hot air balloon rides. The morning is decidedly cool as you gather for the inflation of the balloon, although each day begins to warm as the sun rises.

With Balloons Above the Valley, your day will start before sunrise with coffee and pastries at the Modern Bakery in the Oxbow Market in Napa. Guests will then be transported to the launch site, where they can watch the final stages of inflation of the hot air balloon. The morning can be a little chilly but soon warm up as the sun rises, so ideally, dress in layers that you can remove as it gets warmer.

Also note that, for tall people, a hat is recommended to protect your head from the heat of the burners.

For accessories, do not forget your sunglasses and a camera.

What You Will See

Once the passengers have boarded the hot air balloon Napa rides, the balloon begins to ascend slowly.

Within minutes, a panorama unfolds that offers breathtaking scenes of vineyards, unique wineries, and pristine cities, with gorgeous mountains bordering each side of the Valley.

Soon, depending on the season, you may begin to shed that outer layer of clothing.

Is It Safe?

Hot air ballooners worldwide come to Napa Valley to experience the breathtaking scenery during their unique balloon rides.

Hot air balloon rides in Napa Valley are extremely safe.

Balloons Above the Valley professionals focus most of their effort on the safety of their passengers. Before each flight, each guest will be given specific instructions about how to act and what not to do while in the air.

Sign Up for a Balloons Above the Valley Hot Air Balloon Napa Valley

Making reservations for your join-in or private hot air balloon Napa Valley is easy. Go to the Balloons Above the Valley website and locate the Book a Balloon Ride button. Here you may choose a date and add the number of people in your party.

You may also participate in the optional Champagne Toast after your safe landing.

If you wish to create a Private Flight for friends and associates or have particular questions about hot air balloon rides, phone Balloons Above the Valley at 1-800-464-6824.