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A hot air balloon Napa Valley ride is exhilarating, unforgettable, and safe, an activity that stays fondly etched in our memories for a long time.

Balloons Above the Valley’s certified professional hot air balloon pilots are experienced and knowledgeable, focused on passenger safety and comfort as their top priority.

However, some individuals are stricken with a fear of heights, known as acrophobia, in some form or other. Whether these concerns pertain to being confined high up in a small space like an airplane or in standing in a high place with nothing but open space around them, sometimes the fears can mostly be overcome.

In many instances, the problem is a fear of the unknown that prevents some from believing that hot air ballooning, flying in an airplane, tall buildings, and other exposures to high altitudes are entirely safe.

Overcoming Your Fear

Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, is a real thing. And as a result, many who believe they have acrophobia refuse to fly in airplanes or hot air balloons.

For many, the solution may be therapy, participating in various exercises like:

  • Exposure therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Medication
  • Virtual Reality Therapy

While these approaches are intended to help individuals overcome their fears, gradual exposure to ever-increasing elevations has helped.

Understanding What Happens During Your Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon Napa rides occur daily, weather permitting, without mishap. As a testament to the safety of hot air balloons, the lead pilot and owner of Balloons Above the Valley, Bob Barbarick, has been piloting hot air balloon rides near me for over four decades.

Before your flight, you and your fellow passengers will receive a safety briefing, during which you receive basic safety instructions about the flight.

Once the balloon is fully inflated, you will rise gently into the skies, suddenly witnessing an incredible view of the landscape and mountains beyond.

With almost no sound except the burners that keeps the balloon afloat, you experience a feeling of freedom as you drift slowly along. You will feel no shaking or buffeting since the balloon and basket travel smoothly with the air currents.

After an hour or so of enjoying the hot air balloon Napa flight and the breathtaking scenery, the Balloons Above the Valley pilot will land the balloon gently and expertly at the destination.

How to Approach Hot Air Ballooning

The fear of heights for some does disappear once they have taken their first hot air balloon Napa Valley flight, realizing that leaving the ground and returning is safer than driving a car or other modes of transport.

The individual traveling in a hot air balloon Napa might lessen the panic by keeping their eyes on the horizon and not looking straight down. The natural beauty of Napa Valley is seeing the entire panorama from an entirely new perspective anyway, so the need to look straight down is not essential.

Balloons Above the Valley, however, has a solution for those who have not yet overcome their acrophobia. One option is to send your friends or family off on their glorious hot air balloon ride Napa Valley, then take the chase vehicle to the landing site to greet your friends and family as they descend from a majestic hot air balloon ride near me.

Maybe you will be ready to take the next step on your next visit to Napa Valley.

To reserve your hot air balloon Napa Valley ride, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website. Make your reservations online, or, if you have questions about the flight, phone one of the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists at 1-800-464-6824.