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Memorial Day Weekend is a special time for people in the US. Families use this time and the extra Monday they have off to spend time with loved ones, enjoy barbeques or picnics at their local parks, and attend various events that occur throughout the weekend. Families also plan trips for their extended weekend which is why this is one of the busiest weekends in Napa Valley. Locals will see Napa Valley balloons all over the sky as tourists pour into the region and book their hot air balloon rides Napa experience. Wineries will be filled with tasters and vineyards will be explored. But how did this all start?

A Day for Our Troops


The holiday originated as an honoring of the Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After WWI, the holiday was extended to honor all men and women who gave their lives in any war or military action. It is tradition to fly the US flag at half staff from dawn until noon and volunteers will place a flag on each grave at national cemeteries. Those who fought have given current Americans the chance to spend time with the people they love and so families will use this weekend as a chance enjoy each other’s company.

Napa offers many chances to spend time with family, from live music events and food explorations, to hot air balloon rides Napa style. It makes all of us at Balloons Above the Valley happy to see our guests spending time with the people they love on our Napa Valley Balloons.

Events During the Weekend

There are lots of fun things happening during this weekend. After our hot air balloon rides Napa experience, check out these events. And while you’re enjoying eac activity, look up and see our Napa Valley balloons across the sky!

5/25 – Yao Family Wines Summer Evening Concert Series. For live music, free admission, and a chill night, check out this evening event. Did we mention it’s free?

5/25 – Bleachers Aftershow at JaM Cellars Ballroom in Napa. Enjoy BottleRock after hours with the Bleachers. Great music for great company.

5/26 – Napa Farmers Market at River Park. Enjoy farm to table food and cooking demonstrations, perfect for families to stroll through and view booths showcasing farm fresh items, and artisan goods. This is a top event for kids.

 5/25-5/27 – BottleRock Music Festival in Napa. This is a big one – a combination of top musicians, famous Chefs, world-class wine, and dancing all day and night.

hot air balloon napaEnjoy the Long Weekend with Friends, Family, and Balloons Above the Valley

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Balloons Above the Valley wishes everyone a great Memorial Day Weekend and we honor those who have fought for our country. We hope to see you on our hot air balloon rides Napa adventure with your family and friends.