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Outdoor enthusiasts looking for an escape from their indoor confines and responsibilities will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while participating in their favorite fun things to do in Napa Valley. Whether hiking the diverse topography, biking the many scenic trails, saddling up for an enjoyable horseback tour, or simply taking in the breathtaking scenery from one of Napa Valley’s iconic hot air balloons, visitors can have plenty of options to exercise, explore, and enjoy the many wonders of Napa Valley.

Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley for Nature Lovers and Adventure Seekers

Napa Valley’s outdoor adventure options are everywhere. Besides the world-class wines, delicious foods, remarkable variety of handcrafted beers, and almost non-stop entertainment available throughout the communities and businesses, adventure seekers have plenty of options.

Here are a handful of the many fun things to do in napa valley for outdoor-oriented guests.

Hiking in Napa Valley

Napa Valley boasts 53,000 acres of protected open space to hike and explore. Beyond the towns and vineyards, the topography is highly diverse, with rugged mountainous slopes, valleys, streams, and beautiful lakes.

Here are some, certainly not all, of the best places for avid hikers to explore:

Skyline Wilderness Park

If you choose the easier route from the 25 miles of trails, you will find yourself at beautiful Lake Marie after a two-and-one-half mile trek on the Main Trail. An excellent alternative for a more challenging walk is along the Ridge Trail, where, when you reach the top, you may be able to spot San Francisco Bay and Mounts Tamalpais and Diablo.

Westwood Hills

Near Napa, hikers can enjoy a more leisurely walk among the beautiful groves along the three miles of hiking trails. The park has benches and tables along the way to picnic or stop and enjoy the wonderful setting.

Moore Creek Park

If you should bring your canine buddy, Moore Creek Park invites you and your pal to hike the six miles of trails that lead to the blue waters (and a chance to cool off) at Lake Hennessey. Another option is to climb to the “secret” water hole at the top.

Biking in Napa Valley

Whether you bring your bikes or rent them from one of the many bike rental shops throughout the area, Napa Valley is a beautiful place to enjoy a short ride or a long biking adventure. Visitors can choose to sign up for a fully guided tour or enjoy the glorious scenery of bike-friendly Napa Valley.

Probably the most popular and safest bike route is the Napa Valley Vine Trail, which eventually will run 47 miles from Napa to Calistoga. Currently, the Trail is open for bikers and hikers from South Napa to Yountville, about 12.5 miles.

Horseback Riding in Napa Valley

One of the true family fun things to do in Napa Valley is to enjoy a casual and relaxing horseback ride. Trail rides are available at several Equestrian centers in the region.

Some Napa Valley companies offer a combination horseback ride and winetasting adventure for a well-rounded experience.

Napa Hot Air Balloon Rides

Take your outdoor adventure to new heights with a safe and exhilarating Napa hot air balloon ride by Balloons Above the Valley. Seeing the vineyards, forests, lakes, and mountains from aloft is a decidedly different perspective than from a hiking or biking trail.

Enjoy the fresh air and a unique vantage point by reserving a safe and exciting Napa hot air balloon ride that will create memories that will last far longer than some other adventures.

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