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This year, more than ever, it is time to do something special for Mother’s Day. Whether for your mother, wife, sister, or all the above, offering an assuredly memorable gift is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for everything they do.

No doubt, with all of the challenges and turmoil of recent years, a mind-clearing escape is indeed what any doctor would order to reward those remarkable women in your life.

A thoughtfully arranged springtime outing to glorious Napa Valley provides such an adventure. With so many enjoyable options in a beautiful, welcoming setting, Napa Valley provides a choice of outdoor activities for nature lovers, world-class dining, nighttime entertainment, Napa hot air balloon rides, relaxing and personalized spa treatments, and an assortment of luxurious resorts, hotels, and bed and breakfasts.

And, of course, the hundreds of local wineries and tasting rooms open their doors to educate and entertain visitors about the art and science of winemaking. At the same time, you can sample Napa Valley’s most flavorful wines.

With just a little planning for a weekend or more extended getaway, you can make sure that she will always cherish her memories of her wonderful escape. Since Napa Valley businesses will offer a Gift Certificate valid for any future visit, the trip can be deferred to some future, more convenient time.

Plan Your Weekend Getaway to Napa Valley

Spring is an excellent time to visit Napa Valley. The vineyards have reawakened from their winter dormancy, and the area is alive with new growth and spectacular beauty. Businesses and communities are eager to welcome guests by offering a broad menu of entertaining and delightful activities.

Choose Your Lodging

For such a relatively small tourist region, Napa Valley boasts an incredibly diverse selection of places to stay. With a handful of 5-Star resorts offering every amenity imaginable, stylish, cozy bed-and-breakfasts, hillside inns,  and simple budget-conscious yet clean and comfortable hotels, visitors have many options to meet their needs.

Book your hotel room as early as possible since late spring and early summer herald higher demand.

Book an Early Morning Napa Hot Air Balloon Flight

Napa Valley is more than world-class wine, food, and excellent hospitality and entertainment. The destination is also famous for its Napa hot air balloon adventures. Wafting gently above the Valley floor, a safe and memorable Napa hot air balloon experience offers an incredible view and an occasion that each passenger will long remember.

Greet the first morning of your visit to Napa Valley with an exhilarating Balloons Above the Valley hot air adventure.

Reservations at a Spa

Following her safe and delightful Napa hot air balloon experience, arrange a visit to one of Napa Valley’s many soothing spas for a relaxing interlude. The visit may include a massage and several other personalized treatments to relax and enjoy the pampering before heading out on a wine tour, attending a cultural event, or engaging in any other Napa Valley activity of her choosing.

Make Dinner Reservations

Those who love great wines also enjoy the best in dining. Napa Valley restaurants offer a range of cuisine types, from elegant international styles and eclectic candlelit experiences to more casual and informal dining.

As of March 5, 2022, the relatively small Napa Valley region alone boasts five Michelin-starred restaurants, a testament to its commitment to offering the best of everything to all guests and residents.

Contact Balloons Above the Valley Napa Hot Air Balloon Rides

Including a glorious and unique Balloons Above the Valley Napa hot air balloon Gift Certificate in your Mother’s Day gift package will undoubtedly elicit excitement and gratitude from your loved one.

If the date for her Napa Valley Getaway is still uncertain, you may purchase a Gift Certificate for any future flights.

Visit the Balloons Above the Valley website to learn more about this beautiful adventure and safe, memorable gift idea.

For more information or to make your Weekend Getaway reservations, phone Balloons Above the Valley at 1-800-464-6824.