Find Fun Activities in Napa | Balloons Above the Valley

When you’re thinking about fun activities in Napa, you may imagine the beautiful Mediterranean climate and landscape, visiting wineries, and having pleasant conversations over a five-course fine dining meal. Although it is true that Napa Valley boasts some of the world’s excellent wines and top-rated, Michelin-starred cuisine, the region is definitely more than those!

If you’re a wine lover, in particular, you’d certainly include Napa Valley on your bucket list! While you possibly cannot visit all of the regions’ over 400 wineries on a weekend or even in a whole week, at least they will give you the option to visit the wineries you’d like. If you want to get the unique wine touring experience, for example, you can check out some of the wineries that will tickle your fancy. Experience the medieval European feel inside the Castello di Amorosa and enjoy its Italian-inspired varietals. Feel like French royalty at Domaine Carneros and taste its famous sparkling wines. Or experience a different and unforgettable way to visit Sterling Vineyards by taking a cable car ride way up to the hills.

Done with the usual sit-and-dine at conventional restaurants and cafes? Enjoy a literal “food trip” in Napa by boarding a fantastically restored antique train called the Napa Valley Wine Train. It also serves as a moving restaurant which takes you through the beautiful Napa scenery and serves you haute cuisine and drinks. It is perfect both for romantic lunch or dinner dates, or a family trip!

To cap off your fun activities in Napa, why don’t you try a hot air balloon ride? Standing on the veranda of a hilltop winery allows you to have spectacular sights of the vineyards, and that’s fine. Riding a helicopter over the valley is also a good option, as well. But a hot air balloon ride is the most unique among all of these, as it gives you uninterrupted views of neat rows of grapevines, verdant rolling hills, and Napa’s famous valleys.

If you have dreams of flying, then you can make them come true with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). Enjoy our gentle, virtually noiseless-free sunrise hot air balloon flights over the Napa Valley, the cool morning breeze, and endless views of the picturesque Napa countryside.

And it’s not that all! BATV will start your morning with a delicious and fresh breakfast just before you head off to your hot air balloon adventure and a champagne brunch after your flight! If you want to add some wine tours, BATV is also glad to help you because our packages ( also include wine tours. There’s also one of our packages that will conveniently take you from San Francisco to the Wine Country!

Don’t these fun activities in Napa sound more exciting when you take a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley landscape that’s waking up to the morning sun? If you are raring to fly over the Napa Valley, do not hesitate to contact Balloons Above the Valley by phone (toll-free: 800-464-6824; direct: 707-253-2222), by fax (707-258-8889) or by e-mail ( We hope to see you soon!