Choosing a Napa Wine Tour Package » BALLOONS ABOVE THE VALLEY

Before, traveling to Napa Valley was only for the wealthy. But now it is made more accessible even to regular tourists, thanks to the idea of a Napa wine tour package. Several tourism and transportation agencies and related companies in Napa offer these amazing packages for everyone who wishes to experience the pleasures of vacationing in Napa.

Of course, you can bet that all tourism companies have their own tour guides which are recommended for every traveler most especially first time visitors to the area. Some tourism companies have their own fleet of transportation (such as cars, bicycles, limousines, choppers, and hot air balloons) or they partner with a transportation company who will take the guests to the wineries listed on the planned itinerary, or wineries or other tourist spots of their own choice.

Many packages also include a stay at a hotel, which can often include a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or all of them. A lot of these packages also offer free wine tastings, and you cannot call a Napa holiday a complete one without going to the wineries and tasting wines. If tasting wine is your main concern, you may choose a wine tour package whose main activities consist of wine tastings.

There are lots of benefits that Napa wine tour packages can bring. Most packages offer fixed rates which will help people to budget their own Napa tours. Another is the pre-arranged itinerary, which is beneficial especially to first-time tourists or to people who want to have a Napa holiday but wish to avoid the hassles of planning it by themselves. Let’s not forget the ease and convenience it offers. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Napa surroundings while your chauffeur drives you to the wineries or your hot air balloon pilot takes you up in the sky over the fields and valleys during sunrise.

Hot air balloon, you read? Yes! You can also choose a hot air balloon ride in Napa as there are a handful of hot air balloon operators in the region. One of the longest running, most popular and most trusted operators is Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), which has been in the business for over 40 years in providing breathtaking and memorable sunrise hot air balloon rides over the Napa Valley and wine tours to tourists.

BATV takes pleasure in delighting its guests whether they’re up in the sky or on the ground. Before the flight, you and the other guests enjoy a freshly-made breakfast at the Napa Valley Marriott lobby. After that, you will be driven to the launch site where the balloons are being inflated. Once the hot air balloons are up, it’s now your time to fly! As you float in the air, enjoy the uninterrupted bird’s-eye views of the Napa Valley — the famous lush vineyards and the valleys cradled by the hills, mountains, and the rolling hills. You may see occasional fog, too, depending on the season, but once the sun rises further, you can see the natural, countryside beauty of the Napa Valley more clearly. Take pictures and videos of your BATV hot air balloon experience and bring them home as timeless souvenirs.

A champagne brunch follows the one-hour hot air balloon flight. There, you will have the opportunity to mingle with the guests and celebrate the successful flight as you enjoy the buffet-style brunch and sparkling wine.

You can opt for wine tours with BATV (in addition to the hot air balloon flights) depending on the package. Visit wineries, discover the process of winemaking, and have the chance to literally taste and enjoy their wines and varietals. There is a BATV wine tour package which takes you to wineries not only in Napa but also in Sonoma as well. If you live or are staying in San Francisco and wish to go to the Wine Country, BATV and Napa Valley Wine Tours will be glad to take you there all the way from the city by a luxurious limousine transportation.

Thanks to the Napa wine tour packages by companies such as Balloons Above the Valley, they help Napa by bringing in more tourists not just from the United States, but also from many other parts of the world. No wonder, the Napa Valley has morphed from being a destination just for wine lovers to one of the most popular tourist spots for other people as well, even for non-wine lovers.