A Wine Tour near San Francisco You’ll Remember

While you may have gaped at the greatness of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, taken a ride on one of its famous cable cars, or visited the grand Palace of Fine Arts, a wine tour near San Francisco will be as fun and memorable, too.

The California Wine Country, particularly Napa and Sonoma valleys, has been there around for a long time. However, it was pretty recent that the quality of their wines was elevated to world-class standards. Tourists come to San Francisco not only to see the city itself but also to explore its outskirts, most especially the Wine Country.

If you include wine tours as part of your San Francisco trip, you may want to include a bit of adventure like a hot air balloon ride. But if you’re having problems with setting your budget, it’s a good thing there’s Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) which fuses the best of both adventures — a hot air balloon ride and wine tours all the way from the city.

BATV has the San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package, one of its most sought-after packages. For $836, two guests will have the chance to take a breathtaking flight over the picturesque Napa Valley landscape, plus visit several wineries. This two-day package features:

First day:

  • Transportation from the San Francisco to the Wine Country aboard a limo bus. Guests will enjoy an on-board continental breakfast with mimosa
  • Stop to view the Golden Gate Bridge — this is an opportunity to take lots of photos and selfies!
  • Visits to two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma
  • Picnic-style buffet at one of the wineries
  • Olive oil tasting

Second day:

  • Pre-flight breakfast with fresh coffee, hot chocolate, and pastries.
  • The BIG adventure — the sunrise hot air balloon flight! You will get to see the subtly breathtaking views of the Wine Country. Neat rows of grapevines, lush rolling hills, deep valleys, and the beautiful sunrise that greets the natural beauty of the Wine Country.
  • A fresh and delicious post-flight brunch with a sparkling wine where you and the other guests will celebrate a just-concluded successful airborne journey.
  • After the post-flight brunch, guests will have the option to be sent back to San Francisco right away via a ferry, or to be driven first to either Oxbow Public Market or Napa Premium Outlets before the ferry ride back to the city.

BATV’s “San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour” package is deemed to be a complete package! It provides you and your friends with an adventurous sunrise hot air balloon flight which will make your wine tour in San Francisco utterly unforgettable.