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Consider joining the chase team on the ground.

Enjoy a Napa balloon ride from the ground.

The fun isn’t just for those in air. The inability to fly doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the adventure. Anyone with a fear of heights or medical condition prohibiting flying can still enjoy their time with our balloon ride chase package option.
As a Chase participator in the Balloon Flight packages, you will arrive with your whole group at Model Bakery in the morning, enjoy some preflight/pre-chase coffee and fresh pastries, and then ride to our launch site. From there, you will watch our balloons take off and have a chance to get some amazing ground shots.

After the balloon is fully up in the air and the ground crew is all loaded up, you will then get back into our vans with one of our hospitality staff and follow the balloon on the ground to where it lands. There, you will meet back up with your group. After everyone is out of the basket, the entire group will then be transported back to the Napa Oxbow Market where they will check out with our hospitality staff.  If your group is enjoying our flight and champagne brunch package, everything will be the same as above, except once back at the Oxbow, you and your group will sit down and enjoy brunch, followed by checkout with our hospitality staff.

Whether you have a bad knee/back (prohibiting you from standing for the full flight hour), are pregnant, or just don’t want to fly, join the adventure as a Chase participant. Just add the Chase option when you book the flight package online or over the phone.

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