Wine Tours in San Francisco - Expect the Unexpected

Each day California, USA offers a variety of choices to tourists visiting there. For instance, take wine tours in San Francisco and you’ll find different and exciting ways to go and see. And more often than not, you will discover unexpected delights that will make your California trip more memorable.

Napa Valley is a wine region which is just a 90 minute drive away from San Francisco’s downtown. From the hustle and bustle of the city you’ll be transported into a different world in just a matter of minutes — the hills and valleys, the vineyards, the established and contemporary wineries, and picture-perfect countryside beauty and serene atmosphere. This is something that’s unexpected, but wonderful!

And where else will you experience riding a hot air balloon ride over the valleys and vineyards than in Napa Valley? Expect the unexpected — there’s nothing in the world like it and this is so unlike other tours in the United States, and even many parts of the world. Imagine when you’re up there in the hot air balloon, you’re viewing all these beautiful well-kept vineyards as well as the rolling hills and valleys basking under the sunrise glow. And after that enchanting hot air balloon ride, the fun doesn’t end! You have a chance to savor the freshness of Napa Valley cuisine, excellent shopping options, a dose of winery education and culture, near-flawless service, and the warm hospitality of the people there — as warm as the wines that go inside your senses as you drink them.

Who will let you know where and how to experience all of this? You want to use the best hot air balloon operator, Balloons Above the Valley or BATV. It is the first company to provide leisure hot air balloon flights over the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape to clients and has been providing them for nearly four decades.

BATV longevity comes from its commitment to offer their clients top-rate services and their variety of tours packages with different price ranges so that clients can choose one that will fit their budget.

One of BATV’s most popular tour packages is the two-day San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package. If you think that it’s just another wine tour, think again! For the price you can expect full luxury when touring the Napa Valley! Have a breakfast in style via one of our limo buses as you’re being transported from San Francisco’s downtown to the vineyards. Enjoy on-board breakfast with a mimosa. A tour near San Francisco won’t be complete without looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, so our chauffeur will stop at the vista point overlooking the famous bridge where you and other guests will have a chance to view it and have posterity photos taken.

Once you’re in the Wine Country, discover the vineyards and the wineries in Napa and Sonoma, diverse as the selection of wines they offer. A chance for olive oil tasting as well as wine tasting should delight the senses.

The next day is the big day — the hot air balloon flight! Before taking your ascent on the hot air balloon, you will be treated to a hot and delicious pre-flight breakfast with Starbucks coffee before being driven to the hot air balloon launching site.

Once you’re on board and the flight is in full-swing, your knowledgeable pilot will point to places of interest as he steers the balloon to a gentle glide in the crisp morning air. Don’t forget to take pictures of the stunning Napa Valley landscape and have a posterity selfie!

After the glorious flight over the valley, you will be treated to a sumptuous post-flight brunch with sparkling wine. It’s the chance for you and the other guests to gush at how wonderful the hot air balloon flight was.

If you think the fun’s over, well, not yet! Balloons Above the Valley gives you the option to go on a last-minute shopping trip. In this case, our chauffeur will drop you off at one of the two shopping destinations — the Oxbow Public Market or The Napa Valley Premium Outlets. Following the afternoon shopping you will be transported back to San Francisco via a ferry — with free tickets.

You will also have the option to be sent back to SF right after the post-flight brunch. The choice is yours! Just tell us at what your preference is and we will glad comply with your request.

Who says are wine tours have to be pedestrian? See the wine tours in San Francisco from a different perspective. Consider the Napa Valley’s peerless scenery, the warmth of the people, the vivid arts and culture scene, the food, and of course the wines. Then add the extraordinary hot air balloon ride from Balloons Above the Valley. Once you’re there at Napa Valley, expect the unexpected and experience the best wine tour you’ll ever have!