Discover a Wine Tour San Francisco Package | Balloons Above the Valley

Tour packages are great incentives to beckon more tourists to the California Wine Country. A wine tour San Francisco package is a good start for those who want to visit viticultural areas nearby the city such as the Napa Valley.

Although Napa Valley can be quite expensive, these wine tour packages will attract more tourists to the region. One thing’s for sure about wine tours in San Francisco: all of them are not the same. So you’ll experience different itineraries, perks, and surprises that await you from each tour.

Sure, you pay for a wine tour and go to awesome wineries. But when you choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) and its “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package,” you will be able to take pleasure in our world-class hot air balloon flights plus wine tours, for two days.

One of the great things about BATV’s “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” is the convenience you’ll experience. If you are living or vacationing in San Francisco and want to experience a piece of the Wine Country in two days, then this package is just perfect!

On day one, Napa Valley Wine Country Tours will go out of its way to chauffeur you from San Francisco to the Wine Country. As you leave the city, enjoy an onboard breakfast and a “mimosa” inside the limo bus. Visit four wineries — two in the Napa County and another two in Sonoma County. Discover the science and art of winemaking, and have the chance to taste their varietals at the Jacuzzi. An artisan olive oil tasting takes place at the Olive Press, and a picnic-style buffet lunch will be held at a vineyard, with the beautiful scenery at the background.

On day two, enjoy a hot air balloon adventure over the Napa Valley at sunrise! A hot and fresh pre-flight breakfast shall wake you up before you are driven to the launching site. At the site, witness the hot air balloons being inflated. Settle into the basket safely and the balloons are ready to launch!

The fact that you are slowly lifting off the ground and actually get to experience flying is already an awesome experience! And what’s more, you get to see the Napa Valley from a bird’s eye view. See the neat rows of grapevines, the deep valleys and the rolling hills far and high away from the sky!

After you touch down, a delicious brunch awaits you and the other guests to feast on, plus a sparkling wine to raise your toast for a successful hot air balloon flight!

It doesn’t end there just yet! If you prefer to do shopping and sight-seeing, Napa Valley Wine Country Tours will take you to either Oxbow Public Market or Napa Premium Outlets if you prefer, before you will be driven to the Ferry Terminal to Vallejo. Or, you will be taken to the Ferry Terminal right after the post-flight brunch. The ferry tickets are provided for by BATV.

If you have to choose a wine tour San Francisco, you might as well choose the Balloon Above the Valley’s “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” and your California Wine Country holiday will never be the same again!