Wine Tour San Francisco for Seniors

With its gorgeous scenery, friendly climate, and serene atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the Napa Valley also makes an ideal place for senior citizens and retirees. A wine tour in San Francisco is one of the things that seniors like to do, among other things.

The picturesque St. Helena, Napa Valley’s first incorporated city, is regarded as one of the favorite “hangouts” of seniors. They will find plenty of places to go shopping and dining. They may, perhaps, discover the history of some of the wineries as they go along in their wine tours. Many of the wineries in St. Helena have been operating for many decades, with its first and oldest having been founded in the mid-19th century.

Most seniors will naturally feel at home and can relate to the long-standing structures, many of which have become important historical landmarks. Probably, they had been to these places during their formative years. Fortunately, St. Helena has many of those historical places like the Bale Grist Mill (one of the first water-powered mills in the area), old mansions like the Chateau Cavalier, the fantastically-designed Commercial District, the local public library, and of course several wineries and cellars.

Seniors will also find St. Helena a treasure trove for antiques as many of the shops there that sell such types of wares.

For senior citizens who are also locals of the Napa Valley (and maybe also around the San Francisco Bay Area), they will be able to get their wine fix without having to go too far from home. The city of Napa itself has over twenty tasting rooms and wine bars so seniors will be able to enjoy local as well as international wines. Remember, wine is good for you as long as it’s taken in moderation.

Many seniors want to remain active to keep their bodies and minds sharp. Seniors can rent bikes and ride through the beautiful valleys, or if they’re passionate about golf, they may play 18 holes at the finest golf course in the area – the Chardonnay Golf Club. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is ideal for seniors so they may enjoy swimming at several excellent resorts in the Wine Country. Other seniors may take up courses such as Wine Label 101 at the Napa Valley College, or short-period cooking classes to boost their memory and creativity.

All “boomers” want to relax, unwind, and simply have a good time. Attend nostalgic concerts and live performances in Napa and Calistoga, visit art galleries such as the Hess Collection Winery and Art Museum, and hop on the Napa Valley Wine Train, a fabulously-restored vintage train that crosses through the Napa vineyards. After all the activities, they can indulge in relaxation and relief by visiting the top spas and resorts. If seniors are actively into yoga, then they can hit the best yoga centers in Napa such as Yoga Passion and Bikram Yoga.

How about a hot air balloon ride for the seniors? Hot air balloon rides are generally considered safe as long as the seniors don’t have illnesses or conditions such as a lingering heart ailment or anxiety attack. As long as they’re physically fit and mentally sound, as well as have a thirst for adventure, they can go on a hot air balloon ride. But of course, they can’t help thinking about their own safety.

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is a “veteran” in this field. With nearly 40 years of experience in providing sunrise hot air balloon rides, its reputation is truly undisputed. Senior passengers, as well as others, don’t have to worry about safety because BATV’s pilots have years of experience and are able to put tourists at ease. Once up in the air, they will view the neat rows of grapevines and the beautiful rolling hills greeting the warm rays of the sunrise. Don’t pass up the chance to take pictures of the scenery as a lasting souvenir.

Seniors will experience living the good life at BATV, and it’s not just hot air balloon flights. They will love the pre-flight breakfast with pastries and freshly brewed coffee, fabulous post-flight brunch that boasts the freshest and most delicious menu plus a sparkling wine, wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, last-minute shopping at Oxbow Public Market and Napa Premium Outlets, and comfortable, luxurious transportation services.

For seniors who want to do a wine tour in San Francisco, they will find plenty of things to do in Napa Valley. Just don’t forget to include a hot air balloon ride from Balloons Above the Valley in your travel plans. For once in their lifetime seniors can see the beauty of the Napa Valley from another perspective, as well as enjoy the experience of gently gliding along on a hot air balloon at sunrise.