Wine Tour San Francisco: How Many Wineries Do We Visit a Day?

A wine tour in San Francisco makes for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to the idyllic and romantic Wine Country. But what if you’re only on a getaway trip and only have a day to experience a wine tour?

Responses are varied from one visitor to another, but most of them agree that the reasonable number of winery visits should be limited to three to four. Many tourists have visited even up to six wineries in a single day and have felt that it was a bit too much. Even so, they have ended up not being able to do other things in between like sight-seeing, having lunch or shopping, and felt exhausted at the end of their trip.

If you plan to have a weekend getaway trip to Napa Valley and want to include a hot air balloon ride, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) should provide the answer even to your brief travel needs.

If you’re staying in San Francisco, in particular, and want to escape to the wine country, then BATV’s “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” is the ideal option. For two days you will be able to enjoy the best of Napa Valley, both on the ground and in the air, with wine tours and a hot air balloon ride.

Travel to the Wine Country from San Francisco while riding in the comfort and luxury of chauffeured limo buses, where you can enjoy an onboard breakfast with mimosa.

Your chauffeur will take you to a total of four wineries — two in Napa and another two in Sonoma. That’s a reasonable number of wineries which will allow you to study and savor the delectable differences between the wineries produced by the two counties. Plus, it will allow you time to do sight-seeing and enjoy the rides through the beautiful countryside (and it is highly unlikely you will end up getting drunk). There’s also a picnic lunch at one of the wineries, at an idyllic setting.

The next day is the hot air ballooning adventure! Enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon ride with us at BATV where our competent, experienced, and licensed pilots help to achieve your dreams of flying over the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape. See the neat rows of grapevines, the rolling green hills, the deep valleys … and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine in the midst of the cool morning.

A yummy, seasonal brunch with a sparkling wine follows the one-hour airborne journey. After the brunch, you may have the option to do some more shopping and sightseeing before sailing back to San Francisco via a ferry.

A wine tour in San Francisco is a perfect escape from the city to the countryside. Although visiting wineries are a must when visiting Napa, the number of wine tours you do in a day should be limited to three or four wineries so that you can enjoy other things that this world-class wine region has to offer.