Wine Tour San Francisco – How Do You Get There?

A wine tour in San Francisco is one of the most rewarding things you can do while you’re vacationing in California. The wine countries like the Napa and Sonoma offer lots of great things to see with its natural beauty, so sightseeing alone will definitely take much of your time (and we know you don’t mind that!)

There are many choices about how to get (and get around) the wine country near San Francisco. If you have a car of your own you can drive from San Francisco to the wine country. But if you haven’t got a car, you can rent one. You can avail yourself of the itinerary from the car rental or just go on your own for a dash of adventure. Explore places that aren’t usually visited and you will find delightful discoveries such as the off-the-beaten-path wineries Artesa Vineyards and Winery and The Hess Collection (the latter also serves as an art gallery).

However, there are other means to explore Napa Valley than by car. Some say that exploring Napa Valley by foot is the best way. You can hike at some of the most popular hiking/camping destinations such as Skyline Wilderness Park, Robert Louis Stevenson Park, Yountville Crossroads, Westwood Hills Park, and many others. Choose any of the parks depending on their level of difficulty.

Want to ride a bike? Companies such as Napa Valley Bike Tours offer guided bike tours, or provide you with a map if you want to go on a self-guided bike tour. Some lodgings also offer bicycle rentals as well. Enjoy biking around the Napa Valley in your own way — alone, by pairs, or by groups.

For different travelling experience, ride in style inside the Napa Valley Wine Train — a fabulously restored train which will take you from Napa to St. Helena. It runs through several wine-growing towns such as Yountville and Rutherford where you may also make a stop and discover wineries, wine-tasting rooms, and restaurants. But you may not have to eat out, the train also offers an exquisitely-decorated dining area where haute cuisine (made from locally sourced ingredients) is served for the guests.

For first-time tourists traveling alone or tourists in groups, shuttle buses are always the best way to explore and discover the Napa Valley. Shuttle buses for tourists always have detailed itineraries so you won’t have to feel lost especially if you’re a first-time visitor. Plus you will have a chance to meet and befriend other bus mates! Visit the beautiful vineyards, wineries, restaurants, and other attractions.

There are endless options to get around the Napa Valley that include jeep rides, boating, motorcycling, horseback riding among others. You may also ride the classic limousine or limo buses if your budget can afford them.

Hot air ballooning is also a popular way to discover the beauty of Napa Valley. The wine region has all the things to guarantee a wonderful hot air balloon ride — gorgeous natural scenery, and cool, stable morning winds which are ideal for this type of transportation. If you want to seek something out of the ordinary and magical, try riding the hot air balloon!

Despite the presence of other hot air balloon companies in the area, only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is surely guaranteed to make your flying safe, thrilling, wonderful and truly memorable.

BATV offers you so much more than the hot air balloon rides. Pre-flight coffee and pastries for breakfast will get you up and excited for what will be the ride of your life!

After the breakfast, you will be transported to the hot air balloon launch site where the balloons are being inflated. Now it’s time to hop in the basket and see yourself lifting slowly from the ground and up into the air!

When you’re high enough, you will see the beautiful, vast natural expanse of the Napa Valley like you’ve never seen it before! View at the tidy rows of grapevines, and the lovely rolling hills. From the lush greens of the summer to an explosion of fall colors to an enticing array of bright yellows and greens in the winter and spring, nature offers breathtaking displays of color that can only be more appreciated when you’re in the sky! You may not want to miss the moment by taking pictures or videos of the amazing beauty of the Napa Valley but you also want something to remember. It feels like you have the whole world available to you!

After that amazing flight, spoil yourself with a post-flight brunch full of delicious seasonal food and sparkling wine, as well as lively chatter with your fellow guests about that wonderful flight you’ve just had!

No other hot air balloon tour company will care about your safety and pleasure as assiduously as BATV does. Even if you’re a first-time rider, you will feel totally safe and at home once you’ve chosen BATV! Shopping options? On-the-ground wine tours? Picnic lunches? Limo rides? We also have them for you! We provide you hours of enjoyment off as well as on the ground.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, riding a train or a hot air balloon, each of them gives tourists a unique, fun, and memorable experience when doing wine tours in San Francisco.