Consider a Wine Tour in San Francisco | Balloons Above the Valley

San Francisco is a big draw for tourists. In 2015 alone, the city welcomed 18.9 million visitors, a big jump from the previous year, and these numbers tell that the tourism will remain thriving for many years to come.

Of course, the booming tourism in the city proper has greatly benefited the tourism from the outskirts, including the Wine Country. And speaking of wines, Napa Valley is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a wine tour in San Francisco.

Napa Valley is famous for its local wines, as well as its gorgeous rural landscape. Napa Valley may be about a 90-minute drive away from San Francisco but it is certainly a world away. It doesn’t mean that Napa Valley is left behind — it also has beautiful resorts, golf courses, restaurants and cafes that almost fill to the brim, exciting annual festivals, thriving arts and culture, outdoor and extreme sports, as well as a sizzling nightlife. No wonder, the wine region also enjoys booming tourism.

It is possible to enjoy wine tours and then go to a thrilling activity — such as a hot air balloon ride! Here at Balloons Above the Valley, we offer the best of both (plus more) in one package: the “San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package.”

This two-day tour from San Francisco to the Wine Country costs $847 per two guests — a reasonable rate for those who are looking to experience a piece of luxury in Napa Valley but at a budget price!

The first day of the tour begins with the transfer of guests from San Francisco to the Wine Country via a chauffeured limo bus from the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours. Inside the limo, they enjoy a Continental breakfast with a mimosa drink. Once they’re on the site, guests will be welcomed at two wineries in Napa and another two in Sonoma; a vineyard and production tour at one of the wineries will also be included. A buffet-style picnic lunch and olive oil tasting follow.

Guests can stay at any lodging that they’ve chosen, whether it is a bed and breakfast, hotels or inns in or around Napa, or a big resort.

The next day is the hot air balloon adventure! A breakfast is served — you can’t go wrong with freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee to start your day! After that, the guests will be transported to the launch site where the hot air balloons will be inflated. Once the balloons are up, the guests will be ready to board the baskets…and they’re ready for the big moment!

The balloons continue to rise until they float 1,000 to 3,000 feet above the ground. Guests will be treated to the sumptuous sights of the Napa landscape — the neat rows of vineyards and the majestic hills and mountains and the deep valleys that are greeted by the warm rays of the sunshine.

A champagne brunch follows the wonderful hot air balloon adventure. It is the perfect opportunity to talk with the other guests about that awesome flight you’ve just had! Make a toast with your newfound friends as you enjoy a fresh and yummy seasonal brunch.

If you think the fun’s over, it’s not — just yet! You have the option to do some shopping and sightseeing before going back to San Francisco via a ferry. If you choose to do so, then Napa Valley Wine Country Tours will drive you to either Oxbow Public Market or Napa Valley Outlets, before you will be transported to the Ferry Terminal in Vallejo

Balloons Above the Valley gives you more than just the average wine tour in San Francisco. It’s “San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package” is guaranteed to give guests a lot of reasons to enjoy their stay in the Napa Valley. BATV ensures that every moment spent on your day trip (or two) in Napa will be something that you won’t forget.