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An incomparable destination for wine tasting and entertainment is California’s Napa Valley. Home to over 400 wineries, Napa Valley’s excellent reputation is built on ongoing community and business-sponsored activities, beautiful countryside, and many elite food and wine options. Music festivals, outdoor concerts, fabulous restaurants, trails for hiking and biking, a Wine Train, a Napa hot air balloon ride, educational venues, spas, and more provide visitors with plenty to do while in the Valley.

Wine tasting, however, is the premier draw. For decades, Napa Valley wines have been judged by global experts to be among the best in the world. Diverse microclimates, unique volcanic soils, differing elevations, and Napa Valley’s world-class vintners combine to create their notable masterpieces.

How to Begin Your Wine Tasting Experience

Only about sixty-five miles northeast of San Francisco, Napa Valley stretches thirty miles from north to south (Calistoga to Napa) and five miles across at the widest point. The Valley is dramatically bordered by the Mayacamus Mountains to north and west and the Vaca Mountain Range on the east.

Before you and your group begin your wine tasting excursion in Napa Valley, get the “lay of the land” and greet the first sunrise with a beautiful morning Napa hot air balloon ride. Enjoy the serenity and the magnificent views as your professionally piloted hot air balloon floats gently above the Valley floor. Take photos and just enjoy the view as you point out the destinations you will be visiting during your winetasting visit.

We offer hot air balloon rides California-style, followed by an optional Chef-prepared Mimosa Brunch and guided wine tasting tour after your brunch.

Make Appointments Wherever You Plan to Go

During most of the year, wine tasting venues are likely to be busy. The experience, the weather, and the excellent wines and food attract visitors from everywhere. Tasting reservations at some wineries are in such demand that appointments must be made well in advance. Smaller wineries prefer that you make reservations to ensure they can accommodate you and your group.

Also, some wineries have permit restrictions limiting the number of guests they are can admit at once. And, the wineries that schedule only sit-down tastings at a set time will want you to reserve in advance.

Tasting Fees

Although some wineries waive fees if you buy some bottles of wine, the tasting fees can range from $10 to $150 per person. Costs go up when you opt for lunch, winery tour, or seminar.

How to Taste Wines

Few of us can be considered true wine experts. But a wine tasting at a Napa Valley winery is a great place to hone your tasting skills.

Wine tasting involves four steps:

  • SEE: Examine the color and clarity of the wine. Age and grape varietal can affect the color.
  • SWIRL: Swirling allows the aromas to escape.
  • SNIFF: Place nose within the glass to detect distinct aromas.
  • SIP: Roll the wine around your mouth to identify unique flavor characteristics of each wine.

Don’t Forget Your Balloon Ride Reservation

Make your trip complete. While booking your wine tasting appointments, don’t forget to reserve your upcoming hot air balloon ride California-style. Napa hot air balloon rides are perfect adventures to add vivid and delightful memories to your wine tasting visit.

Contact us at Balloons Above the Valley for reservations for your unforgettable Napa hot air balloon ride. Visit our website to learn more or call us at 707-253-2222.