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Reservations are needed for most Napa Valley activities, from Hot air balloon rides to excellent dining to wine tastings. Since social distancing is still necessary for most indoor and outdoor activities, making your reservations now will help businesses plan for the safety of the upcoming surge of visitors.

What to Do in Napa Valley This Summer

As springtime turns to summer in beautiful Napa Valley, more people will be moving outside to enjoy the magnificent weather. Besides hiking and biking, strolling the streets of the pristine communities, or even outdoor wine tasting events at the wineries, a Napa balloon ride is truly a dazzling opportunity to enjoy your escape from the confinement created by the current pandemic.

The weather is superb and the scenery fantastic. Whether you are gathering at an outdoor venue to sample your favorite wines or soaring above Napa Valley’s stunning landscape, you will gain a sense a feeling of relief as you enjoy the fresh air and welcome life back to some degree of normalcy.

Note that masks and distancing may still be required in many instances, while businesses and communities maintain sufficient protocols to keep everyone safe.

To that end, Balloons Above the Valley, a longstanding hot air balloon Napa Valley company, sanitizes all surfaces and arranges for safe distancing within the balloon compartment and their vehicles to ensure the health and safety of all guests.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting

Almost all wineries are open for outdoor wine tastings and tours. Guests are required to make their reservations in advance. Attendees wear masks until they are seated at their tasting table. Because the tables are sufficiently distanced, guests may remove their masks to sample the wines and accompaniments while enjoying the magnificent panorama.

Dining Inside or Out

Many restaurants throughout Napa Valley are operating both indoor and outdoor. Suppose your table is outside during and after Napa Valley’s glorious sundown. In that case, you should consider a light jacket or sweater during late spring and early summer since the temperature may drop notably at that time.

Rest assured, the Napa Valley restaurants are taking every precaution to maintain your protection with table distancing and extensive sanitation procedures.

Plan Your Escape with a Safe and Glorious Hot Air Balloon Ride over Napa Valley

Balloons Above the Valley is a premier hot air balloon Napa Valley ride company that embraces the highest safety and customer satisfaction levels in their business. An iconic experience, soar effortlessly above the vineyards, communities, and landmarks that dot the landscape while piloted by some of the world’s most experienced hot air balloonists.

You can also arrange to limit your personal flights to only those individuals you choose to accompany you.

To reserve your Private Package or Group rides that allow you to fly only with friends,  family, or co-workers, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website to make your reservations.

For more information about a hot air balloon Napa Valley experience, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website. While there, you may buy Gift Certificates for future hot air balloon rides or gifts. You may also make your online flight reservations while there.

Additionally, you can phone one of the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists to book your wonderful Napa Valley hot air balloon experience at +1-800-464-6824.