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Hot air ballooning is an unforgettable, thrilling experience, one you will want to repeat as soon as you can. From the slow, controlled departure as the balloon rises, the awe-inspiring visions, and the final gentle landing, memories of your Napa hot air balloon ride will remain in your consciousness forever.

What You Will Experience

If this will be your first time, your hot air balloon Napa Valley experience with Balloons Above the Valley begins early in the morning. You will meet at the Model Bakery at the Oxbow Market in downtown Napa for coffee and pastries, then drive directly to the take-off site.

You can listen intently to the pre-flight instructions as you arrive and observe the magnificent balloon being inflated.

Once the balloon is sufficiently inflated, you and the other passengers board the basket and prepare for your take-off. A photographer will even take a photo of your departure which will be available for purchase after you land.

The Napa hot air balloon begins to rise slowly and eventually reaches a safe operating altitude. As you ascend, you begin to understand why you chose to make this journey. The magnificent panorama, a view that can only be seen from this new perspective, the vineyards, wineries, towns, and more come into focus as you greet the magnificent morning.

And you will note the fantastic mountain backdrops that frame the east and west of this beautiful valley.

After about 45 minutes or an hour’s journey, depending on wind and air currents, you will land comfortably.

During the balloon rides Napa Valley, passengers quickly note the quiet and stillness of drifting slowly above the landscape. The wind currents guide the gently moving basket without swinging or swaying, and the only sounds you will experience are the pilot-managed burners that control the aircraft’s altitude.

After the Flight

The Balloons Above the Valley pilot will slowly descend to land gently at the destination. You will disembark and can enjoy an add-on champagne wine celebration of your successful flight.

Most importantly, you will have memorable and glorious memories of your first hot air balloon Napa Valley experience and perhaps loads of photographs to share with your friends.

The staff at Balloons Above the Valley will transport you back to the Oxbow Market, where you started, and you can explore and shop as you wish.

Overcoming Your Fear of Heights

For those who are somewhat squeamish about their first hot air balloon rides Napa experience, remember that Napa hot air balloon rides are safest as long as you follow the instructions of the experienced pilot. Your safety and comfort are the first priorities for these Balloons Above the Valley pilots, and the flight will be safer than a commercial airliner or driving an automobile.

Balloons Above the Valley has been flying customers for over four decades and are entirely dedicated to making each flight successful. Every pilot is certified and licensed, undergoing qualifying conditions similar to a fixed-wing pilot’s.

Benefits of a Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

Let’s look at some ecological benefits of a Napa Valley hot air balloon ride. After all, why not consider the environment when searching for responsible things to do in Napa Valley?

Noise Pollution

Hot air balloon rides are virtually silent. As you pass slowly and comfortably above the scenery below, you will be amazed at how quiet it is, allowing you to view the fantastic scenery with few sound interruptions as you journey quietly along your flight path.

Wildlife Preservation

 Wildlife preservation is an essential message from the Napa Valley hot air balloon specialists. Passing quietly above, you may be able to observe some of the wildlife without disturbing their everyday lives. Maintaining a comfortable, quiet distance will preserve that aspect.

Appreciate Natural Beauty

Your Napa Valley hot air balloon ride will offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire landscape. This experience will foster a sense of appreciation of the environment and a deeper connection with Nature. This one is the most impactful of all the things to do in Napa Valley.

Minimal Infrastructure

No infrastructure is required with a Napa Valley hot air balloon. We take off and land at predetermined locations; no remarkable take-off and landing sites are needed.

Low Impact Landing

When the flight is nearing completion, the expert, certified pilot will bring the balloon to a soft landing in a predetermined area. Your flight is over, but the memories will last for years.

Educational Opportunities

Hot air ballooning can also be a platform for environmental education and awareness. Balloon pilots and guides often provide insights into the local ecology, geography, and wildlife during the flight, enriching the experience and fostering a greater understanding of the natural world.

Overcoming Any Fear

Many people believe they have a fear of high places. While some really do, much of this is manageable and may be overcome. For those individuals, perhaps the first thing to do is visit the website and click the button marked Take a 360 View of a Hot Air Balloon Flight. This vantage point depicts the relatively low altitude you will be flying and the relative ease of landing.

This clip also points out the many beautiful and remarkable sites that you will see from the balloon as it wafts freely to the destination.

As for overcoming your fears, looking out (and not down) will perhaps make it all easier.

If you are still afraid to go, Balloons Above the Valley will allow you to stay on the ground and transport you to the landing site as your friends complete their flight.

Book Your Napa Hot Air Balloon Experience with Balloons Above the Valley

Hot air balloon Napa Valley is an experience of a lifetime. More than all the other activities and fun things to do in Napa Valley, a Napa hot air balloon ride is an experience you will enjoy and never forget.

If the experience is for you and your partner, a group of friends and family, or a company outing, the three or so hours with Balloons Above the Valley is a meaningful lifetime event.

You can reserve your spot on a future Balloons Above the Valley flight by visiting the company website. Outings are just $239/person during the week and $299 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have questions about your hot air balloon Napa Valley flight or wish to make your reservations, please phone our office at 1-800-464-6824. You will be glad you did.