What to do this Labor Day weekend? » BALLOONS ABOVE THE VALLEY - safe and healthy outdoor activities

Labor Day weekend, a time that generally marks the end of our summer activities, is rapidly approaching. Celebrated on the first Monday in September, Labor Day officially falls a bit later than usual this year on September 7.

Now, as we experience the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, most individuals and families should be exercising a measure of caution as they head out to enjoy this important weekend.

Be aware that despite the limitations created by this global crisis, there are still plenty of safe and healthy outdoor activity for people to enjoy.

Come to Napa Valley

Businesses and wineries in and around Napa Valley are open. While social distancing and other safety protocols are in place, individuals still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather as they witness the beginning of the harvest season and marvel at the breathtaking landscape of the region.

Safe and healthy outdoor activities are always available in Napa Valley. Escape the high pressure, traffic, and bustle of your native area, and come to Napa Valley for some relaxing, fun, and very safe outdoor activities.

For example:

  • How about a bike ride on some of the many paved and rugged trails throughout the Valley?
  • Leaving the wheels behind, take a hike on one of the well-marked and scenic hiking trails that rise above the Valley floor that offer spectacular views of the area.
  • Enjoy a private picnic at one of the parks, making sure you are safely distanced from others.
  • A perfect highlight of a Labor Day weekend visit to Napa Valley is to enjoy one of the world-famous hot air balloon rides Napa Valley-style. Balloons Above the Valley, a longstanding leader in hot air ballooning, has implemented strict social distancing, sanitation, and mask-wearing protocols to make your hot air balloons rides Napa Valley safe and risk-free.

Covid-19 Protocols for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Complement your other safe and healthy outdoor activity and delight your family or partner this Labor Day weekend by making reservations for one of the Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon rides Napa Valley.

From the time you arrive at the meeting point to begin, you will find the Balloons Above Valley personnel will be following a strict Covid-19 protocol. All surfaces in the transport van and the hot air balloon will be sanitized before your arrival.

Personnel will wear CDC-approved masks throughout the flight.

And Balloons Above the Valley requests that our guests also wear masks and maintain proper social distancing throughout the experience. The occupancy levels of both the transport vans and hot air balloons have been reduced to allow passengers to keep safe distances.

Each guest will be also be given a container of sanitary spray upon arrival.

Make Your Reservations for Your Balloons Above the Valley Flight

Enjoy the Great Outdoors of Napa Valley for safe and healthy outdoor activities during the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

To learn more and to pre-arrange your hot air balloon rides Napa Valley-style, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website.

Or, phone one of the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists to arrange your magnificent hot air balloon ride Napa. Call 1-800-464-6824.