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Harvest season is always a special time in Napa Valley. While the initial grape harvest begins with picking the early varieties in August, the famous Cabernet Sauvignon and a few others may not be harvested until well into October and even November.

While the vineyard managers and crews work long hours to ensure a successful harvest during this period, Napa Valley comes alive with the celebration of another successful growing season. Winemakers begin exercising their judgment and skill to optimize the incoming crop as they bring the harvest to the presses and start to convert those beautiful juices into the delicious, highly regarded wines of Napa Valley.

Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley During Harvest Season

During the late summer and early autumn, the weather and colors of Napa Valley are at their best. Warm days and comfortably cool nights are not only great for working outdoors, but they are also perfect for visitors to enjoy everything that Napa Valley has to offer. For visitors with limited time, prioritizing wine tasting and winery tours, spectacular dining, Napa hot air balloon rides, bike rides, hikes, shopping, many community events, harvest parties, so much live music, arts, and more is an impossible task.

Include a Balloons Above the Valley Napa Balloon Ride

One fun thing to do in Napa Valley is to surprise and delight your family and friends by reserving an exciting and safe early morning Napa Balloon ride during your visit. Drifting quietly above the villages and vineyards along the length of Napa Valley, you will experience new freedom and escape from the ordinary as you view the region’s incredible beauty and its impressive mountain backdrop.

Whether this harvest season will be your first visit to Napa Valley or your twentieth, a Napa Balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley adds a perspective of this bountiful region that cannot be perceived from ground level. You and your group will drift quietly above each village and many of the 400+ wineries of Napa Valley as you enjoy the clean, fresh air of the countryside while enjoying the panoramic views.

From above, during your Napa Balloon Ride, you will likely view some of the venues that you plan to visit during your stay.

Planning Your Napa Balloon Ride with Balloons Above the Valley

There are many, many fun things to do in Napa Valley during harvest season. Few areas can offer the number and variety of activities that Napa Valley does during its all-important harvest season.

Reservations for your Balloons Above the Valley Napa Balloon Ride must be made in advance.

You may also contact one of the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists to answer your questions and reserve your spot on a future flight. The phone number at Balloons Above the Valley, the premier Napa Balloon ride, is 1-800-464-6824.

By visiting the Balloons Above the Valley website, you can learn more about this, one of the most fun things to do in Napa Valley,

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