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With its unique, scenic, and very accessible setting, Napa Valley offers an impressive assortment of activities that provide an escape from the tedious routines of daily life. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a group seeking a memorable, rewarding experience, or a family looking for fun, outdoor activities, the Napa Valley communities and businesses are always ready to ignite your passion and cater to your choices.

The pandemic has served to reinforce everyone’s desire to head out for a weekend escape or plan a week-long adventure to relax and recharge. Napa Valley offers something for everyone, while the pristine communities, beautiful landscape, and mountain backdrop alone will tend to ease those daily tensions the moment you arrive.

Things to Do in Napa Valley

Whether you are staying only for a weekend or longer, Napa Valley offers something to do at all times.

Here is a short list of fun things to do in Napa Valley:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

Napa Valley balloons are iconic, known throughout the world. Make your reservations in advance to ensure you can experience this adventure during your trip.

On that first or any morning, you can be transported to the Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon launch site, where you meet your professional pilot and learn all the essential tips and protocols of a safe and enjoyable Napa Valley balloon flight. Then as the balloon begins to lift off, you will have your photograph taken to purchase after your flight.

While floating gently among the clouds, you will have a unique view of the entire Valley, getting a bird’s eye perspective of the communities and other landmarks of Napa Valley.

Following your flight, you will get the opportunity to purchase your pre-flight photos and you share the photos and memories of your exhilarating hot air balloon journey.

  • Go to the Farmers Market

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the Farmers Market is both a pleasant tradition and a great place to buy unique and seasonal goods. Vendors sell some delicious foods to enjoy as you browse the stalls for unique gifts for yourself, family, and friends.

  • Wine Tasting Outing

With advance reservations, you can safely enjoy a delicious and educational winetasting opportunity at many of Napa Valley’s hundreds of wineries.

Tour companies also offer half-day or day-long wine tours to three or more wineries to taste their products and learn of the different strategies that wineries employ to make their wines. Most programs include lunch along the way.

  • Visit a Spa

A getaway does not have to be only about activity and adventure. Set some time to relax and enjoy a spa day that includes pampering and special treatments. Refresh, renew, and be even more ready to tackle what lies ahead.

Plan Ahead

While much of life in Napa Valley is returning to pre-pandemic conditions, businesses will still be exercising protocols to keep visitors and associates safe. Winetastings, for example, will usually be conducted outside with appropriate social distancing, and even hot air balloon companies like Balloons Above the Valley will be taking all necessary protocols to ensure all guests safety.

Visitors should plan to reserve the segments of their itineraries ahead of time to ensure they can do all they want to in the time available.

Reserve Your Hot Air Balloon Rides with Balloons Above the Valley

There are so many fun things to do in Napa Valley. A Napa Valley balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley is a beautiful way to enjoy any morning in Napa Valley. Safe and comfortable, you drift lazily above the Valley floor as you marvel at the communities, landscape, and, of course, the expanse of vineyards that adorn the region.

To reserve your flights with Balloons Above the Valley, contact one of the reservationists at 1-800-464-6824 or online at https://balloonrides.com/hot-air-balloon-napa/balloon-ride/.