Vacation in Napa Valley – Enjoying Art and Wines on Vacation

Wines and art may be two different things, but during vacations in Napa Valley you’ll discover that wine and art can make a harmonious pairing.

Don’t dismiss Napa Valley as another wine region, as it is also rich in history and culture. If wine and art are your two passions, you’ll find plenty of them here in Napa Valley!

A lot of wineries in Napa boast magnificent classic and modern architecture that can be called a work of art themselves, thanks to the skill and creativity of the locals as well as national artists behind them.

Artesa Winery has an artist in residence by the name of Gordon Heuther, who has been showcasing his works at the winery since the early 90s. Check out his mind-boggling glass works, sculptures, and art installations there.

The Hess Collection Winery is another winery favored by both wine and art lovers alike. Inside the premises is a private gallery which features extensive contemporary artworks which owner Donald Hess has been collecting since 1966.

Clos Pegase Winery is an award-winning winery whose art collection will definitely astound visitors. When you walk into the winery, it’s as if you’re stepping inside a real museum — there’s even a work by the late famous English sculptor Henry Moore. Even the gardens are also dotted with sculptures and other art. The winery’s building itself — designed by Michael Graves — also makes an artistic statement.

The Cliff Lede Vineyards in Yountville is one of the wineries under the wings of the Stag Leap name. It has a contemporary art gallery, a garden dotted with sculptures, and a terrace.

Mumm Napa doesn’t only boast in traditional French winemaking techniques and its famous sparkling wines. It also houses an amazing permanent exhibit which features a private collection of original photographs by none other than Ansel Adams himself. The photographs at the winery’s exhibit are on loan from the Adams family.

di Rosa may not be an artsy winery, but it is also a great place to explore art in Napa. Its 271-acre grounds are the home of the best Bay Area art showcased through a variety of mediums. It has three galleries (including the famous Gatehouse Gallery), a park filled with sculptures, a lake, and a wildlife preserve.

These are only several of the wineries which show their artistic side. You may still get your art fill even as you step outside those artistic wineries. You can see even more art at the Napa Art Walk in downtown Napa where you can see street sculptures and art installations by several artists coming from different states.

Another art walk is the Yountville Art walk which 29 different sculptures are spread throughout the town. Most of the pieces displayed there are on sale, and proceeds will go toward the local arts community. Both the Napa and the Yountville art walks are free.

After you’ve enjoyed the wine and the art, don’t forget to let your eyes view the beauty of the valley. Balloons Above the Valley will help you see the beauty of the Napa Valley landscape from the air and allow you to take artistic photos while the balloon floats gently on the morning breeze.

See, vacations in Napa Valley are not just idyllic scenery, vineyards, wineries, and word-class wines, but also world-class art and architecture. The best tip to discover wine and art in Napa? Don’t go there in a hurry, and visit the artful wineries, galleries and art walks t a leisurely pace to really absorb and enjoy the best of the local Napa art.