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Lovers’ Day in Napa Valley, Tuesday, April 23, is a wonderful time for couples to get away from their busy schedules to spend a romantic getaway in a very romantic place. There is no better location than Napa Valley in April for two people to enjoy the wines, the scenery, hot air balloon rides Napa experiences, various activities, excellent foods, and each other.

Kicking it all off with a fun and exhilarating world-famous Napa Valley balloon ride is a great way to share a romantic adventure before a gourmet champagne brunch and an afternoon of wine tasting at some of Napa Valley’s 522 excellent wineries.

But there is more.

Come to Napa Valley for a Romantic Getaway

Perhaps you missed Valentine’s Day and possibly more romance is in order. Whether you and your partner have been together for a short time or have shared fifty years, Napa Valley offers all the opportunities for the perfect couples’ escape.

In April, the weather is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. The flowers are blooming, and Napa Valley has revived from a winter of inactivity. Color has returned to the area and beauty abounds everywhere.

Even overhead, you can see the hot air balloon rides Napa Valley drifting above in all their graceful splendor.

Reserve Your Getaway

Begin by booking your reservation at one of Napa Valley’s many fine hotels. The best rooms may fill up fast during this time of the year.

Many hotels feature elegant and soothing spas to enhance your relaxation and impart that feeling of well-being the Danes call “hygge,” a sense of warmth and, with couples, the feeling of closeness and romance.

Things to Do Away from the Hotel

If you are heading out for an evening of fun, food, wine and drinks, think about hiring a limousine to take you from place to place. Not only do you free yourself from the hassle of driving and parking, but lovers can feel freer moving about from place to place. And, you can ask the driver for suggestions about where to go next, depending on your mood.

Visiting one of Napa Valley’s many wonderful restaurants is a must-do during your romantic stay in Napa Valley. Keeping that warm feeling burning, try a candlelight dinner at one of Napa Valley’s wonderful venues listed as Trip Advisors’ 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Napa Valley.

Afterward, you might stop at one of Napa Valley’s intimate night clubs that feature entertainment or dancing. Or, simply find one of Napa Valley’s many lively pubs and bars and relax with the crowd.

Check Out Balloons Above the Valley

A Napa Valley balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley is a must during your romantic stay. Imagine drifting with the wind beside your partner while viewing the incredible panorama and dramatic backdrop of the mountains surrounding Napa Valley. Try to pick out familiar landmarks as the two of you enjoy the breathtaking scenery below.

Safe and enjoyable, the professional pilots of Balloons Above the Valley have been conducting hot air balloon rides Napa for over thirty years.

To find out more about your Napa Valley balloon ride that will add more romance to your Lovers’ Day getaway, view our packages page.