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If you have been to a Napa Valley Harvest Party, you already know that those are the celebrations that deliver the ultimate in fun, food, music, and, of course, excellent wines. These celebrations represent the local communities’ collective “sigh of relief” for another rewarding and successful growing season in Napa Valley.

If you have not been to a 2019 Napa Valley Harvest Party, there is still time to come. And, while you are here in Napa Valley, you can always create your own Harvest Party with all the fun, food, and wine. And, to begin the fun on a high note, greet the sunrise with one of the iconic hot air balloon rides Napa Valley-style, followed by a delicious mimosa brunch.

A Harvest Party to Remember

Whether you are throwing your Harvest Party at your Napa Valley retreat or at home, make a list of all the things you wish to include. Napa Valley Harvest parties tend to range from somewhat formal to notably casual, so decide which “mood’ you wish to project.


Decorating for a harvest party should naturally include some references to the guests of honor, the grapes, and to natural seasonal colors. Adorn tables and countertops with randomly placed fruits and nuts like figs, acorns, walnuts, and gourds.

Also, fill vases with colorful floral cuttings and branches, placed on neutral coverings to highlight the contrasting colors.

Food Choices

Naturally, any Napa Valley Harvest Party includes wine tasting. And, every wine tasting demands a variety of food pairings. Keep the choices simple and spread your food offerings around the room to complement the décor. A few well-supplied charcuterie boards loaded with quality bread and crackers, peppered salami, chunks of a few varieties of cheese, plus fruits like dried apricots, nuts and, naturally, grapes will provide sustenance for the guests. These, plus those some unopened wine bottles and your array of flowers and cuttings will certainly elicit the feel of the harvest season.

Wine-Related Questions and Answer Time

Before the festivities, create a “deck” of questions that pertain to Napa Valley and wines. Guests can randomly draw their question and attempt to answer. Questions like “Where did you have your first glass of wine?” and “What is your partner’s or best friend’s favorite wine?”

Another might be, “Have you ever taken hot air balloon rides Napa Valley?” And, “If so, what do you remember most?” This exercise is very effective as a conversation starter.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be formal or informal. You may ask one of your most wine-knowledgeable guests to conduct a structured tasting, guiding the other guests through the experience.

Enjoy Group Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

If you are within a reasonable distance of Napa Valley, a wonderful group experience is to kick-off your harvest party with a safe and enjoyable hot air balloon ride Napa Valley-style. The expert pilots will point out Valley landmarks along the way, and you will likely see the grape harvest in action form a unique perspective.

Your guests will fondly recall your memorable harvest party and the thrilling Napa hot air balloon ride you organized.

To learn more about a hot air balloon Napa Valley ride and make your reservations, contact Balloons Above the Valley at +1-800-464-6824.