Things to Do In the Bay Area

Are you looking for things to do in the Bay Area? The Bay Area is an area surrounding the San Francisco Bay, in the northern region in the state of California. It boasts some major cities in the country including San Francisco. You bet that there are many things to do in city and the Bay Area in general.

You’ll never run out of fun things to do around the Bay, which is brimming with beautiful, fun and relaxing destinations and attractions that will surely leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s your first time to visit the Bay Area or you’ve been to it many times, the place never fails to astound you with delightful surprises.

A visit to the area won’t be complete without stopping to look at one of the region’s most famous landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. Take your posterity pics or selfies with the legendary bridge as the majestic background. Hop in to San Francisco’s famous cable cars as a great way to explore the sights of the city.

San Francisco (and the whole of California, as well) is truly a vibrant and cosmopolitan region, a melting pot of many different races and cultures. If you love the arts and culture, you will be sated with things you truly love by visiting San Francisco’s premiere art destinations. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is considered one of the prestigious art museums in the world. Aside from SFMOMA, there are other interesting and noteworthy museums, exhibits and places to brush up on your interest in history and different cultures.

If your idea of fun and entertainment should be conducted at night, Bay Area sizzles with a number of nightlife clubs, and spots to eat and drink. Have an awesome night dancing with other enthusiasts as world-renowned club DJ’s lead you to fun and endless hours of dancing. Chill out at several lounge bars in the area, have a drink and a have a chat with your old friends or meet new ones along the way.

As cosmopolitan as San Francisco Bay Area is, there’s no question that the cuisine here is an explosion of different flavors and textures. The Bay Area is a buffet of seemingly endless options to satisfy your culinary adventure. Of course, there are the good ol’ American fares, and then there are also the European, Latin American, and Asian cuisine that will tickle your palate. The region boasts over 100 restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments so food-tripping is always a gratifying adventure in San Francisco.

The Bay Area is also the home of the Napa Valley, a small viticultural area that produces many of the best wines in the world. You may not want to miss a visit to Napa Valley especially if you are a wine-loving enthusiast and at the same time longing for the beauty of nature.

Winery tours in the Napa Valley consist of visiting the vineyards and the wineries as well as to sip the best of the region’s wines. Visit the premium and boutique wineries and take a sip on the region’s famous products: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and a lot more. There are many companies that offer tour packages around the Wine Country, and some of them offer luxury transportation and exclusive, private tours for their clients to enjoy.

If there’s another unique way to explore the Wine Country, why not go on a hot air balloon ride? This is the best way to discover and appreciate the beauty of the Napa Valley basking under the morning sun. A hot air balloon sounds intimidating at first, especially for the uninitiated, but once people experience it they will surely wish for more!

Hot air balloon rides are a one-of-a-kind experience you shouldn’t miss. If you decide to include this activity in your Bay Area travel, look no further than Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). BATV has been providing safe, comfortable, and utterly enjoyable hot air balloon rides for over 35 years. Our staff is fully experienced, as well as hospitable and warm so you will always feel you’re in good company.

Hot air balloon flights can be done in any season in Napa Valley. As you are up in the cool, calm morning air, you will get to see the neat, verdant rows of grapevines, trees and other foliage in the summer; the colors of yellow, orange and red landscape in the autumn; and the emerald green hills and vivid yellow wild mustard blooms that envelop the valley in the winter and spring. If you want to fly in a hot air balloon ride in any season, BATV is the way to do it!

BATV offers sunrise hot air balloon flights over the otherworldly beautiful Napa landscape. And it’s not just our highly-rated hot air balloon flights that have been sought after by clients for decades. We also have fun, interesting, and exciting things for you to enjoy and remember for years to come.

Have a warm and fresh pre-flight breakfast to get you up for the big moment. After the sunrise hot air balloon ride, end your morning on a glorious note with a post-flight brunch with champagne to celebrate the successful flight you’ve just had. Longing for more wine tasting? No problem, as BATV also offers sunrise hot air balloon tour packages that include a visit to the premium wineries in Napa and Sonoma, as well as a vineyard and production tour at one winery to discover the process of winemaking. Aside from hours of wine tour, you will also enjoy other perks such as olive oil tasting, picnic-style lunches, Continental breakfast with a mimosa, and world-class transportation.

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Dining, shopping, enjoying the night, and visiting museums to get a dose of culture — these are only a few of the many things that the Bay Area has to offer. But a hot air balloon ride is definitely one of the must-try things to do in the Bay Area. If you decide to go on the ride of your lifetime, pick Balloons Above the Valley. We ensure the safest, most fun, wonderful, and unforgettable hot air balloon flight you’ll ever have.