Things to Do in the Bay Area When You Visit January 2016

It’s time to bid farewell to 2015 and be thankful for such an eventful year, highlighted by lots of exciting travels and memorable journeys. As 2016 ushers in, expect more exciting things to do in the Bay Area, and you won’t have to wait long for January to greet you with a host of events!

Napa Valley is well-known for world famous food and wine. For gastronomes, especially the truffle lovers, mark your calendars because from January 15 to 18 there will be Napa Valley’s 5th Truffle Festival. Renowned truffle experts from many parts of the world will share their extensive knowledge about the most expensive fungus in the world. If you’re one of the truffle fans, you will be led to a host of seminars, truffle foraging, as well as exclusive lunches that involve truffle and wine pairings. Michelin-starred chefs will be showcasing their creations in the Truffles and Wine Dinner.

Make sure not to miss out on the Napa Truffle Festival at the Oxbow Public Market on the concluding day of the festival. Buy fresh truffles, artisan and specialty food products, and have a rare chance to win an authentic black truffle! How cool is that?

Good vibes must enter the new year, so it’s only befitting that the annual San Francisco Comedy Festival aka SF Sketchfest will start 2016 with laughter and enjoyment. Unlike the previous Sketchfest, this coming Sketchfest will be held earlier than usual due to the effect of hotel and venue availability brought about by the Super Bowl coming in February. Even so, guests will be treated to sketches, monologues, and improv performances by San Francisco’s popular stand-up comedians.

Other upcoming Bay Area events lined up for January 2016 will be also worth attending and investigating. Among of these will include the Silicon Valley International Auto Show in San Jose (January 7-10), The San Francisco Tape Music Festival (January 8-10), and the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival in Oakland (January 30-31), among others. Of course, food festivals are always plentiful in San Francisco, including the upcoming Delicato Vineyards and Fine Arts Show (mid-January through early February) and Bacon Fest Sacramento (January 25-31), apart from the Truffle Festival.

Guests will most likely want a break away from the attending a flurry of festivals in the Bay Area. There couldn’t be a better place to spend it than in the Napa Valley. In the winter months of December and January, tourism is at its lowest point in the Napa Valley and it’s the perfect chance to take advantage of hotel discounts as well as the unhurried atmosphere and unique natural beauty. Instead of the lush and neat rows of vineyards in the summer, they are quite dormant and barren in the winter. But not to worry, because the sleeping vineyards will be upstaged by brilliant yellows from the wild mustard blooms and the bright emerald green fields and hills. There is no finer winter scenery as the one in the Napa Valley!

Everywhere you look is beautiful in Napa Valley, but there’s nothing like viewing the gorgeous landscape from the sky. This will be achieved by riding a hot air balloon. It sounds like a great idea to start the 2016 on a high note (pun intended).

When you plan to go on a hot air balloon journey over the valley, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) should be your first choice. BATV has been providing enjoyable and safe flights, as well as other perks, to clients since the early 1970s, and it is still flying high to this day.

BATV offers spectacular sunrise hot air balloon rides over the Napa Valley in any season. We also offer you other perks like warm and freshly-made pre-flight breakfasts and exquisite seasonal post-flight brunches while you and your friends reminisce about the wonderful flight you’ve just had.

BATV also offers sunrise hot air balloon flights and wine tour packages that include a tour to vineyards as well as wineries, a limo service with on-board breakfast, a chance to take photos with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, picnic-style lunches, and a lot more! BATV will also accommodate weddings and proposals, group and corporate flights as well as exclusive flights and post-flight brunch tables. Call us at 800-464-6824 to learn about our fabulous packages.

The New Year should be started on a beautiful and positive note, not to mention having things to do in the Bay Area. January 2016 will keep you occupied with lots of exciting festivals and other activities to enjoy.