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Thanksgiving dinners are considerably more complicated than any ordinary meal. Multiple courses, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts that complement the traditional turkey and ham tend to cause us to exceed our normal dietary limits.

From its beginning, Thanksgiving has been a celebration of bountiful harvests. And, very few places in the world are as bountiful as glorious Napa Valley.

Pairing a wine with a steak and baked potato or grilled sole is not so complicated. But selecting the right wines for a multi-course Thanksgiving dinner given the multitude of flavors and textures is substantially more complex.

So, if you are going it alone and serving an army of family and friends, wine pairing advice is everywhere if you take the time to look. But remember, no single wine fits all, and pairing is mostly a matter of personal taste. You may be assured that there is no individual “best” selection.

Some Thanksgiving Pairing Ideas suggests a unique wine for each course. For example, consider welcoming guests with a “bubbly,” sparkling wine or champagne.

With Turkey and Dressing, whites like Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, or milder reds including Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, or Zinfindel pair great.

Pumpkin or pecan pies or other flavorful desserts pair well with port, sherry, or any rich, concentrated wines to match the intensity of the dessert.

Simple Approach

In the end, your guests will prefer to drink what they like best. Make three or four options available throughout the meal and let your guests choose what and when. Provide two wine glasses with each setting and place a few bottles of each of your three or four choices around the table. Your guests will select what they want, perhaps with some oral or written pairing suggestions from you.

“Blanketing” the dinner with a choice of appropriate wines will please more guests. Trying to serve a “right” wine for each course can become cumbersome.

Reserve Your Thanksgiving Table at One of Napa Valley’s Top Restaurants

To free yourself from the burdens of planning, cooking, and, yes, wine pairing, plan a Thanksgiving weekend in Napa Valley. Many of the restaurants are offering Thanksgiving dinners, complete with all the traditional fare along with some of the chef’s unique seasonal creations. Besides providing a chef-prepared gourmet dinner, you can benefit from expert wine pairings suggestions for each course.

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