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While we have all been confined lately, many of our favorite venues are reopening. Cautiously, of course, but Napa Valley wineries and other businesses are back in action.

While there, you may even look up to spot some of those iconic hot air balloon rides Napa Valley floating majestically above the horizon once again. Even the balloon operators have instituted safe distancing and mask protocols before, during, and after their flights.

Summer is here. The Napa Valley communities are inviting young and old, couples and groups, and families to experience the incredible variety of activities that Napa Valley offers.

Whether at home, in Napa Valley, or another location, you and date can still share memorable moments even during the current pandemic.

Enjoy the Weather: Have a Candlelight Picnic

Locate a secluded spot at a secluded spot with a stunning hilltop view of the surrounding land or waterscape. Spread your blanket and unpack your food, wines, and candles. Plan to arrive before sunset so you can watch it slowly disappear on the horizon as you enjoy your favorite wine or other drink.

Have the candles ready and lit as darkness descends and enjoy watching the stars as you savor the romance and solitude of the moment.

Take in a Drive-In

During the current pandemic, drive-in movies are experiencing a revival as the ideal date-night destination for entertainment and romance. Don’t despair if there is no drive-in movie near you. If you have some technical skills (or have a friend that does), set up a screen in your driveway or backyard and screen a romantic movie or two as you lounge comfortably together.

Have a Wine Tasting at Home

Although the Napa Valley wineries have reopened for safe, appropriately distanced wine tastings, you can still organize an enjoyable and educational tasting at home. Many of the wineries are hosting virtual at-home tastings conducted by professional wine educators. The events are broadcast via social media like Instagram, Facebook, and other venues. You receive the featured wines in advance, and you and your date will be able to interact live with the educator in many programs.

Alternatively, you can schedule a live, in-person tasting in your home with one of Napa Valley’s elite winery experts conducting.

Take Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley Style

For an unforgettable date experience, schedule one of the Napa balloon rides by Balloons Above the Valley. The Company has initiated strict Covid-19 guidelines that are enforced to ensure the health and safety of all guests and employees. Stringent social distancing and masking protocols will apply to everyone.

Greet the morning in one of the Balloons Above the Valley’s hot air balloon rides Napa Valley-style. Enjoy the sense of freedom and escape as you and your date drift slowly above the vineyards and communities of Napa Valley.

Watching the clouds float above as the landscape drift serenely by in one of our hot air balloon rides Napa Valley is another perfect way to share meaningful time with your favorite person.

For more information about Napa Balloon rides, contact Balloons Above the Valley. You can visit our website.

Or, phone one of the reservationists at  1-800-464-6824.