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If you are undecided about your Spring Break destination this year, consider a trip to Napa Valley. Renowned for its first-class wine making, beautiful scenery, commitment to the arts and culture, diverse culinary delights, excellent weather, and iconic hot air balloon rides Napa Valley is the ideal getaway.

Make your reservations early. In the rare instance that the weather may be uncooperative, it might be useful to plan your outdoor adventures early in the trip so you can reschedule those for a day or two later.

To help plan your trip, here is a potential 5-day and night itinerary for families and groups who are thinking about coming to enjoy much that Napa Valley has to offer.

Day 1: Check-In and Stroll the Area

After you arrive and check into your hotel, get the “lay of the land” by wandering through the Napa Valley community where you are staying. Visit some of the stores and galleries and perhaps do a little shopping for souvenirs and necessities at the local businesses.

Depending on where you may be staying, you might enjoy a visit to the spa or health club before dinner at one of the local restaurants. Turn in early because the real fun is about to begin.

Day 2:  Napa Hot Air Balloons

Rise early and head to the Model Bakery at Napa’s Oxbow market where you can enjoy coffee and pastries before transporting to the take-off point for your approximate one-hour Balloons Above the Valley’s hot air balloon rides Napa Valley-style. When you arrive, after getting into the baskets your groups photo will be taken in the hot air balloon and available for purchase after the flight. Your hot air balloon ride, piloted by a licensed and experienced professional, will rise slowly and begin its gentle trek across the sky above the breathtaking landscape, mountainous backdrop, and vineyards of Napa Valley.

Upon landing, as an option, you and your group can enjoy a champagne toast with your pilot and recount your Napa Valley balloons adventure.

Following your hot air balloon adventure, if needed Balloons Above the Valley is happy to help suggest a few winery options to visit and enjoy. Some wineries do request reservations so be sure to call ahead and check availability.

Day 3: Take a Hike

The Napa Valley Region offers miles of excellent and very scenic hiking trails. You can challenge yourselves in rugged mountain trails, redwood forests and creeks, and many beautiful lakes with diverse foliage and wildlife. Or, to keep it simple, you can stay on the main trails that meander through the villages and vineyards of the Valley.

You can find trail maps almost everywhere.

Later in the evening, relax at one of the area’s many outstanding restaurants

Day 4: Enjoy a Bike Wine Tour

For a unique experience and a great way to get a bit more of exercise, try a Napa Valley Bike Wine Tour. Whether you brought your bike or need to rent, you can enjoy an experienced guided tour or even a self-guided wine-tasting ride along Napa Valley’s safe 47-mile, family friendly Class 1 trail. Mixing some great exercise, phenomenal scenery and some excellent wine and a nice stopover for lunch is a great way to enjoy the area.

Later, try out one of the excellent bars downtown as your relax from another fun-filled day.

Day 5: Take a Train Ride

A trip to Napa Valley is not quite complete until you and your family experience one of the Napa Valley Wine Train’s many memorable offerings. You can explore Napa Valley in a 19th century train car while enjoying a delicious meal with wine or locally crafted beer. The Wine Train offers a delightful experience, so be sure to book ahead.

Reserve Your Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

Soaring quietly above the villages and wineries of Napa Valley in a hot air balloon Napa is a must-do experience. Contact the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists to book your upcoming Spring Break Napa Valley Balloons adventure.

You can visit their website to learn more and book your flight. Or phone 1-800-464-6824.