Special Honeymoon in Napa Valley | Activities

Honeymooners will definitely find lots of honeymoon in Napa Valley activities to do to keep them busy and make their stay special. Let’s face it — the picturesque countryside views alone make Napa Valley the perfect destination for the newlyweds.

Apart from the romantic setting, honeymooners will find plenty of things to see, eat, and do in the Napa Valley. Lodgings in Napa Valley tend to be pricey, so do your best to look out for hotels and resorts that offer great deals — some of them offer special discounts or set packages designed strictly for honeymooning couples alone. Such is in the case of Auberge de Soleil which offers a four-course romantic dinner, breakfast at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and use of spas or pools during the couple’s stay. Or if you’d like to really save whilst enjoying a comfy luxury suite, go to Napa Valley during the off-peak season (mostly winter season) where hotels slash their rates by 40%. Apart from enjoying the huge discount, you won’t find lots of crowds during the off-peak season so it may seem that you own the romantic Napa Valley practically to yourself.

Wine-tasting is often a must-do activity when in Napa Valley. Like everything else in the region wine-tasting can also be expensive. Seek out for two-for-the-price-of-one wine-tasting (and wine and cheese pairing) deals and also coupons which will enable you to enjoy wine tours and tastings without sacrificing your budget.

Some couples, especially the active ones, would like to integrate outdoor activities into their honeymoon. Napa Valley offers plenty of outdoor activities such as biking around the vineyards (and visiting wineries along the way, too), hiking and catching breathtaking vistas of the valley, and doing water sports on the Lake Berryessa or the Napa River. These activities are quite special because they bring the newlyweds closer together.

Speaking of special, honeymooners may also like a special dinner to celebrate their first moments of being an officially wedded couple. Not without, of course, a bottle of Chardonnay, sparkling wine or Cabernet Sauvignon. Be sure to pick a restaurant which offers stunning views along with great food and service — Auberge du Soleil, Bistro Don Giovanni, Meadowood Napa Valley, The Lakehouse, and Solbar, among many others.

Why not make your honeymoon extra, extra-special with a hot air balloon ride? It will enable you to see the neat rows of grapevines, rolling hills, and the valleys from the gradual blue skies as the sun rises above the horizon. Of course, don’t forget to snap plenty of photos and selfies (be careful though!), with the romantic Napa Valley scenery in the background.

Riding the hot air balloon one to three thousand feet from the ground may have a symbolic meaning to your marriage — that your love will reach a higher level.

If you’re seriously thinking of including a hot air balloon ride to your honeymoon apart from the other activities, be sure to turn to no one else but Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). You will find to your delight that our affordable packages offer the luxury you have dreamed of at a price you can afford. Spectacular sunrise hot air balloon rides? Breakfasts and brunches? Wine tours in Napa and Sonoma? Limousine rides with on-board breakfast? Wine and olive oil tasting? Picnic lunches? You’ll be surprised to find them all here at Balloons Above the Valley. It’s not surprising though, that BATV still towers above all competition — longevity in the business, exceptional sunrise and wine tour packages, competent flight crew, and excellent customer service staff have earned BATV plaudits from clients as well as numerous awards.

Whether you do wine-tasting, dining, or riding a hot air balloon ride, your honeymoon in Napa Valley activities are guaranteed to make your honeymoon extra memorable and special.