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By mid-November, nearly all of the Napa Valley grapes have been harvested. These have made their way to the wineries for crushing to be converted into world-class wines that will end up on tables throughout the world. At this point, the growers are heaving a collective sigh of relief as the new crop has left the vineyards, and the ongoing stress over the uncertainties of Mother Nature are subsiding.

Circumstances in the northern reaches of Napa Valley and many areas of Sonoma County were complicated this year by the widely reported Kincade wildfires. While Napa Valley was not directly impacted as neighboring Sonoma County, the sense of urgency and unexpected power outages hastened the final stages of harvest in many vineyards.

Responding to the Kincade Fire

From October 23 until November 6, the Kincade fire burned nearly 80,000 acres in Sonoma County, and according to a Newsweek article, destroyed 374 Sonoma County homes and other structures, and damaged many more. During this time, Napa Valley residents and businesses pitched in to provide humanitarian assistance to their Sonoma neighbors by assisting with their harvest and crush, lending equipment and labor, and opening their homes to displaced residents.

2019 Napa Valley Harvest

Despite the trials and challenges of power outages and the threatening fire and smoke, the latter stages of the 2019 Napa Valley harvest are complete. Thankfully, the wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley were spared the destructive forces that their Sonoma neighbors endured.

The jubilation that generally accompanies the end of another successful harvest was tempered by the destructive events in Sonoma County.

Post-Harvest Activities

In Napa Valley, at least, the 2019 crop appears to be excellent. The cool, sunny days of October were perfect for encouraging the reds to further ripen to their fullest extent.

Many visitors enjoy coming to Napa Valley during the post-harvest season. The pleasant fall weather and smaller crowds allow for a more personal experience and easier access to many venues. Whether scheduling your wine tasting tour, visiting one of the many popular nightclubs, making restaurant reservations, planning a spa visit, or floating gently among the clouds on your famous Napa Valley balloon ride, everything is a bit more relaxed.

During this time, by the way, some vineyards are presenting new vintages from prior seasons.

Biking and Hiking

Enjoy Napa Valley’s beautiful scenery and spectacular autumn weather as you and your group hike or bike the miles and miles of trails and pathways. In the morning, you’ll notice the always popular and beautiful Napa Valley balloon rides floating gently above.

Reserve Your Napa Valley Balloon Ride

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