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The fun in Napa Valley does not end with the Fall harvest and Holiday celebrations. Besides the always-available wine tastings and top-notch dining, businesses and communities continue to offer fresh new activities for visitors and locals alike. Cooking classes, art exhibits, musical performances, and even hot air balloon rides Napa Valley are ever-present to add excitement to any visit to this famous region.

Lines Are Shorter Than in Peak Season

Wintertime is a delightful time to visit Napa Valley when crowd sizes and prices at many venues are reduced. While reservations are always preferred, walk-ins are welcome at many wineries during the winter season. First-timers can indeed see more in less time, especially when they begin their visit with hot air balloon rides Napa Valley to get a broader perspective of where things are.

Less Expensive

Smaller crowds encourage the merchants, restaurants, wineries, and hotels of Napa Valley to lower their usual rates to attract more visitors. Even some hot air balloon rides Napa Valley companies reduce their rates to entice passengers to experience the thrill of silently soaring aloft above the Valley floor.

Weather is Cool, But Still Mild

Jackets and sweaters are usually required in the morning, although many days in January warm up to  60°F, downright balmy compared to most of the nation. Temperatures still allow for most outdoor activities including the exhilarating hot air balloon rides Napa Valley to view the breathtaking panorama of the region.

Don’t Forget Napa Valley Offers Beer Also

Yes, Napa Valley is mostly about wine. However, locally brewed beer has risen its lovely, frothy head also. Along with luxury accommodations, Carneros Resort and Spa offers the Napa Brews excursion, a chauffeured tour of local breweries.

Spas, Mudbaths, and Thermal Geyser Pools

Luxurious spa treatments abound at Napa Valley’s hotels and spas. To create a sense of renewal, Indian Springs Resort offers therapeutic mud baths consisting of 100% natural volcanic ash. Hot mineral waters from natural geysers combine with calming music and treatments to leave each visitor with a real feeling of wellbeing. Other resorts offer similar services at wintertime reduced prices.

Cut the Mustard

View the lush yellow mustard plants as they bloom and thrive between the rows of dormant grape vines.  

Awe-Inspiring Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

Lines are shorter in the winter for your hot air balloon rides Napa Valley with Balloons Above the Valley. 

Four packages include:

  • Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley + a Professionally Prepared Champagne Brunch
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley + Brunch + Wine Tour
  • Two-day San Francisco Wine Tour and Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley

Make your hot air balloon rides Napa Valley reservations with Balloons Above the Valley through their website or phone +1.800.464.6824.

Alternatively, if you or your friends plan to return later in the year, purchase your reduced-rate gift certificates for future hot air balloon rides Napa Valley at Balloons Above the Valley now to avoid the high season rush.