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Winter and early spring are excellent times to consider your group getaway to Napa Valley. While the activities are plentiful and the weather is comfortable, booking reservations for lodging, restaurants, spas, Napa hot air balloon rides, live musical performances, and, of course, wine tastings are far simpler (and less expensive) in February than in the middle of the busy summer. Many Napa Valley businesses offer discounts during the early part of the year. So, whether your party consists of two or twenty, the first months of the year are among the best times to visit Napa Valley. As an added benefit, before the vineyards fully emerge from their dormancy, the landscape is blanketed with bright yellow mustard blooms that return each year to signal the approaching awakening of the vines. As March nears, the vineyards bud break begins as the mustard blooms start to fade away.


During February, there is no shortage of hotels and spas to select for your group. Many are offering discounts and special events to entice guests to visit. You will find discounted hotel rooms even at the most exclusive hotels and spas, but don’t forget to ask about group discounts.

Wine Tasting

During the period the locals call “Cabernet Season,” you will find lines at the wineries have decreased somewhat since the fall harvest. And the atmosphere is decidedly more relaxed. Consider booking a limo for your group or reserving one of many Napa Valley’s escorted wine tours to transport your group from winery to winery. This safer, more enjoyable option eliminates the hassle of driving from place to place. While you are scheduling your ride, be sure to plan a lunch at one of the wineries or nearby restaurants during midday.


Many of Napa Valley’s hotels double as premium spas. To that end, you should consider adding a spa experience to your group’s schedule. Whether your group consists of singles or couples, the resorts can arrange for sessions tailored to everyone’s preferences.

Napa Hot Air Balloon Rides

Few experiences can match the fun and excitement of an iconic Napa hot air balloon ride. Some companies, including Balloons Above the Valley, offer discounts during the winter months for this highly memorable and safe experience. You might even add to the group’s fun with a Balloons Above the Valley after-flight champagne brunch followed by a specially designed wine tour. Should one of your party choose to forego the flight for whatever reason, Balloons Above the Valley has an optional chase package so they can get the experience from below “chasing” the balloon in their vehicles to the landing site where they can meet up with the group after the experience.

Live Entertainment

For a cultural and relaxing change of pace, Napa’s Uptown Theatre and Napa Valley College of Performing Arts will be presenting live performances through February and March. On deck at the Uptown Theatre are such world-famous performers as Lyle Lovett & His Acoustics Group (2/21), Jefferson Starship (2/28), Herb Alpert and Lani Hall (2/29), and the Tower of Power (3/7&8). The College of Performing Arts will be presenting the Natural Wonders Vocal Concert (2/23), The Addams Family Musical (3/23-29), and the iViva Mariachi! Festival (4/25).

Enjoy the Best Balloon Rides in Napa Valley

With our over three decades of Napa hot air balloon experience, Balloons Above the Valley provides the best balloon rides in Napa Valley. With an exceptional commitment to safety and professionalism, Balloons Above the Valley will float you gently above the vineyards and wineries as you enjoy the matchless scenery framed by a breathtaking mountainous backdrop. To make your discounted winter group reservations for your Napa hot air balloon ride, check out the Balloons Above the Valley website. Or, if you wish to speak with one of our reservationists about a Group Napa hot air balloon ride, phone today at 1-800-464-6824.