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Summer is on its way as the vineyards of Napa Valley begin to show some signs of awakening from their winter dormancy. Managers and crews have been busy clearing away the debris from last season’s harvest and pruned away much of the newer growth to allow for a fresh start.

Warmer days and nights in Napa Valley naturally encourage increased outdoor activity with winery tours filling up, outdoor dining, hiking, and the appearance of those iconic Napa Valley hot air balloon rides that float majestically across the nearly cloudless skies.

By now, the communities and businesses of Napa Valley have already begun preparing for a nearly endless slate of fun and memorable activities that offer great live entertainment, art, wine tastings, delicious foods, and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

As your summertime getaway to magnificent Napa Valley comes into focus, it is always a good idea to plan and reserve your places for those memorable events. After all, Napa Valley offers more memorable activities than you will ever be able to experience during a weeklong visit.

Book Your Winery Tours

The best and safest way to learn about the Napa Valley wine industry, vineyard cultivation, and the art of world-class winemaking is with one of Napa Valley’s excellent wine tour companies.

Whether you choose to join in a scheduled wine tour or plan a custom tour for you and your group, each tour is guided by an experienced wine host who can answer your questions, provide insight into winemaking, and offer some interesting commentary along the way. Tours typically visit two or three select wineries where you will enjoy a wine tasting hosted by a winery representative.

Reserve Your Dinner Engagement at a Michelin-Star Restaurant

Napa Valley is blessed with a disproportionately large number of Michelin-awarded dining establishments for the region’s relatively small area and population.

From the City of Napa in the south to northernmost Calistoga and several communities in between, the region boasts approximately a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants.

Napa Valley is home to many delightful, slightly more causal restaurants, pubs, and wine bars that serve delicious food and drink.

Making your reservations well in advance for your special dinner is always the best strategy.

Check-Out Some Ongoing Activities

Live Music

  • JaM Sessions – Thursday, Friday, Saturday at JAM Cellars, Napa
  • Jazz and Blues – Sundays at Buster’s Southern Barbeque, Cali
  • stoga
  • Live Music – Fridays at Express M
  • Live Music – Mondays at Avow
  • Live Music – Sundays at Trade Brewing

Round out your Napa Valley Trip with a Memorable Activity

Be sure to plan ahead and book your Napa Balloon Ride for one of the first couple days in Napa Valley with Balloons Above the Valley. Take in all the scenic vineyards have to offer while floating above. The pilots and friendly staff at Balloons Above the Valley are ready to welcome you with coffee and pastries before embarking on your adventure.