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Sometime this summer you must gather your family or friends and come to Napa Valley to experience all that this iconic Shangri La has to offer. Choose any week and there will be plenty to do, whether enjoying wine tastings, exquisite foods, hiking, biking, enjoying the local nightlife, the culture, and especially a glorious adventure in a hot air balloon Napa Valley ride.

Plan Your Summertime Visit in Advance

True, summertime in Napa Valley is a busy time. You can thank the weather, events, scenery, loads of activities, and the welcoming nature of the businesses and communities for the crowds that arrive each year. But you do not have to be caught up in “mob scenes” to have a great time. Check out these ideas:

  1. Consider a mid-week arrival. Weekends tend to be more hectic, so arrival on Sunday night, Monday or Tuesday can offer at least four days of less crowded activities. You will find more reservation openings during those days.
  2. Book on the week before or following a holiday weekend. Just before or after those high-demand three-day celebrations, you will find more openings at restaurants and lodgings and better deals.
  3. Make reservations early. Whether for restaurants, hotels, tastings, and even your hot air balloon Napa Valley ride, booking in advance is a good idea.
  4. Planning a “reverse” route to the wineries can lessen your crowd stress. Since most visitors begin their winery excursion near Napa and head north, consider starting in one of the more northern points like Calistoga or St, Helena.
  5. Wineries stay open later in the summer. Consider starting your tasting trip so that you can have wine and delicious foods during your tastings rather than making reservations for a sit-down dinner.
  6. Find your greatest escape and true serenity anytime while drifting lazily (and quietly) across the sky in one of the famous Napa Valley balloons guided by an experienced Balloons Above the Valley pilot. An early morning hot air balloon Napa Valley ride through the clouds will present an amazing panorama of leafy vineyards, lovely communities, and a bordered by a backdrop of mountainous landscape.

Try a Hot Air Balloon Napa Valley Experience

No matter when you are arriving, make sure a hot air balloon Napa Valley flight is part of your busy itinerary. Enjoy the amazing landscape and trace your route below from winery to winery as you float slowly above the mountain floor.

Check out our balloon flights page to learn more about this enjoyable experience and to make reservations. Follow the flight experience with a delicious gourmet champagne brunch as part of your special package.

If you have questions about a hot air balloon Napa Valley experience, phone Balloons Above the Valley, Napa’s most experienced hot air Balloon Napa Valley company at 1-800-464-6824.