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If you are looking for a spectacular way to reward your hardworking staff, consider a company outing to the beautiful and fascinating Napa Valley. The weather is terrific, communities and residents are welcoming, art and culture abound, and there are more fun things to do than time will allow.

Napa Valley is loaded with world-class restaurants, live musical performances, and indoor and outdoor activities, including hot air balloon tours, expertly-curated wine tours, art exhibits, and more. And, of course, wine-tasting opportunities are everywhere as well as several highly regarded handcrafted breweries.

If business must be mingled with pleasure during your company outing, Napa Valley has a host of first-class venues, hotels, and resorts with excellent facilities for meetings and presentations.

Schedule a Group Wine Tasting

Groups can reserve fun and educational group wine tastings presented by any of the hundreds of wineries in Napa Valley. Wine tastings are curated and led by winery experts and may include sampling three or four wines. Food can be part of the tasting experience in the form of some compatible small bites or charcuterie of meats, cheeses, savory snacks, dried fruits, crackers, or bread. The tasting can be held at a winery, a centrally located tasting room, or even at the group’s lodging.

Make It a Wine Tour

For more extensive wine country exposure, Napa Valley boasts several professional wine tour companies that will transport groups to two or three wineries during a tour. While en route, as your group enjoys a safe, modern transport experience, the tour guide may point out interesting facts about the history, vineyard management, and winemaking of Napa Valley.

Following the tastings and wine tours, the tour company will return the group safely to the predesignated site.

Kickoff your Company Outing with a Hot Air Balloon Group Tours

Once your associates have arrived, treat them to an experience they will enjoy and long remember, a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon group tour. Exclusive, safe flights for groups of 10 people or more are available with prior reservations. Your group may also include a post-flight Champagne toast with their pilots.

Round-trip transport to and from the group’s lodging can be part of the package. Guests will meet just before sunrise at the launch site, where photos will be taken. As the hot air balloon begins its slow ascent, passengers will thrill at the magnificent views of Napa Valley as they marvel at the sunrise to the east. The hot air balloon will drift slowly above the many vineyards, wineries, and communities that will gradually come into view.

At the end of the flight, the experienced licensed pilot will begin a slow descent for a soft landing at the designated landing area.

Reservations are essential for hot air balloon group tours. Balloons Above the Valley will answer any questions regarding group flights. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 707-253-2222 and learn more at

You may also complete our quote form below, and a staff member will contact you shortly about your group Napa balloon ride.

Consider a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon group tour for your next company outing! Your staff will love the experience and hope to do it again!