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Only a short distance from the bustling Bay Area is Napa Valley, one of the world’s most popular destinations for couples, families, and groups to escape, relax, and enjoy.

Offering loads of fun things to do in Napa Valley, the communities and businesses of Napa Valley enthusiastically greet all visitors with activities and adventures to please everyone. Excellent hotels, bed and breakfasts, spas, and many highly rated restaurants abound, each geared to meet the needs of every guest as they head out to participate in some of the many memorable activities that Napa Valley offers.

What Does Napa Valley Offer Its Visitors?

The culture of Napa Valley is a marvelous blend of work and play. In the first instance, the area is, as we all know, one of the world’s premier wine-producing areas. From the beginning of the year to the end, vineyard managers and crews are hard at work managing the development of their vineyards, from initial pruning to the final harvest. At the same time, the wineries are busy converting high-quality grape production into award-winning wines.

For fun and adventure, the area’s excellent weather and incomparable natural setting encourage an endless list of enjoyable and memorable things to do in Napa. A short list includes hiking, biking, golfing, wine tasting, winery tours, picnicking, attending many outdoor concerts and festivals, and strolling the marketplaces.

An outdoor activity (and a fantastic date idea!) that is growing in popularity is to reserve your places on a hot air balloon ride napa-style offered by Balloons Above the Valley. Many guests begin their Napa Valley getaways by greeting the first full day with an exhilarating, safe hot air balloon ride Napa flight, drifting slowly and quietly above the extraordinary Valley landscape composed of miles of vineyards, hundreds of wineries, and Napa Valley’s many beautiful communities and homes. The view is made even more breathtaking by the mountainous backdrop that frames each side of the Valley.

Whether planning a Napa Valley visit with your longtime companion or imagining some fresh out-of-the-box ideas to enjoy with a more recent acquaintance, Napa Valley offers a broad spectrum of fascinating activities.

Sign Up for a Wine Tasting Tour

Set aside several hours during your visit to Napa Valley to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and professionally curated Wine Tour. Travel to some carefully chosen boutique wineries on a private or join-in wine tour tour with a professional guide’s ongoing educational and entertaining commentary. You will visit pre-selected wineries along the way, learn about their unique philosophies of the art of winemaking, and sample some of their delicious wines and small bites.

Guided wine tours are the best and safest way to learn about the business of winemaking and vineyard management, allowing guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the commentary and the magnificent scenery.

Plan a Hiking and Picnic Outing

On one of the more glorious days in Napa Valley, set aside some private one-on-one time when you can get away to enjoy the magnificent Napa Valley environment, a nicely prepared picnic lunch, perhaps a glass of wine, and each other. Marvel at the stunning setting while enjoying private conversation and relaxation. You may even spot a glorious and beautiful air balloon ride Napa as it passes above.

Whether hiking and picnicking along Napa Valley Vine Trail, across the well-marked trails through the foothills, or within one of Napa Valley’s beautiful parks, you and your date will enjoy a truly memorable experience.

To facilitate the experience, know that many area hotels and restaurants will prepare your picnic lunch in advance.

Napa Valley History Guided Kayaking Tour

Surprise your companion with a safe and educational guided kayaking tour through the idyllic landscapes of the glorious Napa Valley. This tour is one of the most fun things to do for history lovers who also enjoy being in the great outdoors. Designed for even first-time kayakers, participants will hear the guide’s commentary describing the historic buildings, past events, and surprising trivia of events along Napa River’s calm currents.

Outside the city, kayakers will enjoy the lush natural scenery and may even spot some local wildlife like beavers, otters, egrets, and minks as they go about their daily routines. You might also see one of the often-present, iconic hot air balloon rides Napa Valley passing overhead.

Reserve Your Places for a Hot Air Balloon Ride Napa-Style

One of the most fun things to do during your stay in Napa Valley is a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon ride above the gorgeous landscape Napa Valley of incredible Napa Valley. Picture floating gently above the Napa Valley landscape as you greet the sun while you soak up the extraordinary view and clear, fresh air during your incomparable one-hour balloon flight. After you softly land at the destination near the City of Napa, you can enjoy a delicious brunch before heading out for your other planned activities.

Indeed one of the most memorable things to do in Napa Valley, recollections of your hot air balloon ride will remain forever.

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tour by Open Trolley

A unique and whimsical twist on Napa Valley wine-tasting experiences, guests can sign up and reserve their places on an open-air cable car-style trolley. While enjoying the delightful scenery along the way, passengers will visit three local wineries accompanied by an expert guide who will provide inciteful commentary along the way.

A delicious lunch will be provided during one of the stops.

Make Your Reservations at Balloons Above the Valley

To experience one of the safest and most enjoyable things to do in Napa Valley, make your reservations in advance for a hot air balloon ride, Napa style.

Piloted by the most experienced certified hot air balloon pilots, any Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon ride will provide memories and enough photo opportunities to last a lifetime.

Your hot air balloon experience begins with an early morning rendezvous for coffee and pastries at the Model Bakery in Oxbow Market in downtown Napa. Passengers will then be transported to the balloon inflation and pre-take-off location. A photographer will photograph the boarding and lift-off process, and the photographs will be available after the landing.

As the hot air balloon rises, a panoramic vista will appear, one that features the famous agricultural landscape covered with small and large vineyards and dotted with wineries and other recognizable Napa Valley landmarks. You and your date will marvel at the quiet and sense of escape surrounding you while marveling at the amazing scenery below.

Of all the date ideas for visiting the region, a hot air balloon ride in Napa will be the most unique and memorable.

To learn more and to make your reservations,  visit the Balloons Above the Valley website.

Or you may phone Balloons Above the Valley at 1-800-464-6824, and one of the reservationists will be pleased to answer your questions and make reservations for your special date.