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November is a wonderful time to be in Napa Valley. One can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as growers and wineries wrap up the year’s harvest and focus on the next year. November is a time of celebration as visitors are welcomed to the area to enjoy the many harvest festivals and events, family activities, hiking, touring, biking, and even enjoying relaxing and scenic Napa Valley hot air balloon rides above the wineries and vineyards.

Visitors can also attend Farmers’ Markets, concerts, wine release parties, and Napa Valley hot air balloon rides. And, don’t miss the abundance of world-class foods, wine tastings, food and wine seminars, cultural events, and more.

To get your bearings of this agricultural expanse, consider leisurely Napa Valley hot air balloon rides that make your visit to the area more memorable. You’ll have amazing photos to show your friends and family back home and to keep as memories forever.

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Upcoming November Events in Napa Valley

Napa hosts important cultural and food-related events plus Napa Valley hot air balloon rides in November as local residents and visitors come together to celebrate the growing season and the end of another bountiful harvest.

November 7-11: Napa Valley Film Festival

A prestigious annual event, the Napa Valley Film Festival is staged throughout the Valley at several venues. Participants may view up to 100 independent films and participate in Q&A sessions with important filmmakers.

November 22: Thanksgiving in Napa Valley

Recall the original meaning of Thanksgiving by joining with the area growers to celebrate their annual harvest. Enjoy the feast at several of the area’s finest restaurants and wineries.

November 21: Napa’s Christmas Tree Lighting

At 6:00 PM on November 21, the City of Napa will celebrate the lighting of their 2018 Christmas Tree in Veterans Park in downtown Napa. The event will include performances by the local Pepperette Baton and Dance Club, while the Community provides free hot chocolate and cookies at this all-family event.

Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides All Month

Begin your day with a sunrise take-off with a beautiful Napa Valley hot air balloon ride that provides you with an expansive view of the hundreds of vineyards and the breathtaking mountainous backdrop. With Napa Valley hot air balloon rides guided by the experienced Balloons Above the Valley professionals, first-timers are always impressed with the serenity, safety, and incredible beauty of Napa Valley they drift slowly over the landscape.

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