Northern California Activities You'll Want to Try

Many tourists travel to California for its beautiful scenery, historical spots, world-class food and wine, spectacular events, and Hollywood, among others. There are a lot of Northern California activities that you may like to try especially when you get to visit the wine country and its vicinity.

Taking part in Northern California activities in the month of May is an excellent way to welcome spring and summer. Of course, there’s the Cinco de Mayo events which give you a good excuse to party in the Mission District. Speaking of party, there’s the Boonville’s Legendary Boonville Beer Fest where you can continue celebrating with great food and great, cold beer. If you’re feeling like a cowboy (or a cowgirl), take part on the Redding Rodeo event. When it comes to food fetes, it’s all about the salsas, the chilis, the cook-offs, artichokes, and of course chocolates.

You can celebrate June in many ways like never before. Go to some international events offered by foreign communities in California: gathering of the clans is the Scottish festival in Santa Cruz, or joining the festivities in the Filipino Pista sa Nayon in Vallejo. Enjoy the music and company by attending summer concerts. Or if you’re into cars and airplanes, check out car shows and air shows where you can discover everything from model vehicles to the real thing. June is also a great season for wine festivals, as well as for other food festivals celebrating seasonal produce, such as apricots and the freshest oysters!

And those seasonal events are only a few that we could mention here. In fact, there are so many other festivals and more exciting events that await you in Northern California. Considering that you may want to attend many of these events, you may need some places to relax, unwind, have peace and quiet to experience the natural beauty and tranquility that Mother Nature brings.

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