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The ball has dropped, and 2020 has begun. As you start to grapple with those tough resolutions you’ve made for the coming twelve months, consider mixing in an easy one.

How about a Napa hot air balloon ride for yourself with your loved ones or maybe a group of your friends?

Face it. Some resolutions are dreadfully challenging. Those exercise, diet, and self-personal improvement promises demand discipline. However, you might consider one of the iconic hot air balloon rides Napa Valley adventures as an appropriate reward for your diligence.

Why a Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Floating gently among the clouds above Napa Valley’s spectacular landscape is an experience that is not to be missed. Feast your eyes on the vast agricultural landscape arrayed in patchwork patterns, those familiar pristine communities, and the mountainous backdrop.

You’ll have photo ops galore during your safe and leisurely Napa hot air balloon ride.

You can book your flight for January or February (after all, these are HOT air balloon rides Napa Valley-style!), or you may purchase discounted gift certificates now to reward yourself with a balloon flight later.

What Happens During a Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Your morning adventure begins at the meeting point in Napa, where you can enjoy coffee and pastries before transporting north to the launch point.

After you arrive, you can watch the balloon preparation and even have your photo taken while you are boarding. When all is ready and the pilot has reviewed the safety instructions, the balloon will release from its tethers, and you’ll rise gently to greet the sunrise.

During the approximately one-hour flight, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the area from your unique perspective. No matter what time of year, you’ll marvel at the beauty of the region as you drifting silently above the landscape.

As you approach the destination near Napa, your professional pilot will begin a slow, controlled descent to land the balloon gently at the designated spot.

What’s Next Following the Balloon Ride?

Your memorable experience does not have to end when your balloon arrives. Immediately after your landing, Balloons Above the Valley offers an optional chef-prepared gourmet champagne brunch at Michelin-awarded C-Casa in Napa. The brunch is always the perfect time to recount your memorable Napa hot air balloon experience while dining on delicious food and sipping excellent champagne.

As an extra reward, choose a beautifully designed Balloons Above the Valley wine tour to fill out your afternoon.

Resolve to Reserve your Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloons Above the Valley is the region’s premier hot air balloon company. Committed to safety and customer satisfaction, Balloons Above the Valley’s experienced aviators have been providing fun and awe-inspiring experience for three decades.

2020 should be your year for new experiences and accomplishments. Add to your list by contacting Balloons Above the Valley for reservations for an exhilarating Napa hot air balloon adventure.

You can reserve online, or phone the reservationist at +1-800-464-6824.