Napa Wine Tour Packages – Without Breaking the Bank

Napa Valley is known to be expensive. However, you’ll be surprised to find several Napa wine tour packages that are budget-friendly.

Napa can get quite overwhelming especially if it’s your first visit. To avoid getting staggered and confused, download the Napa Valley Winery Map ( to help you decide which wineries you want to visit while you’re in Napa. The map will help you plan your wine visits and tastings as well as limit your commuting/driving time and distance.

Visit the Napa Valley Welcome Center (or Napa Valley Visitor Center), located in downtown Napa. Get the latest updates about the best deals in the region, such as free wine tasting coupons and unbelievable discounts for wineries and tasting rooms. You can also purchase a $30 wine tasting card from the center (or the Napa Tourist Information Center) and enjoy tastings at up to twelve tasting rooms.

Some wineries that offer free tastings tend to be small and family-run, so keep an eye out for them and if you find any, schedule an appointment.

Hiking is another way to experience the beauty of the Napa Valley for free. There are a lot of hiking trails in the area. Many hiking spots like Skyline Wilderness Park are free, while some of them like Sugarloaf Mountain have a donation box at the entrance (you may or may not be obliged to drop some money). But most of the hiking trails offer free parking spaces.

You’d be hard-pressed to find budget-friendly eating spots in Napa as it is known for its world-class, Michelin-starred restaurants. However, you will still get the best value for your money without your belly feeling empty. Scour street side cafes and do a little bit of research — you’ll be surprised that even the most well-known restaurants offer cheaper meals. For instance, the Ad Hoc (in Yountville) of Chef Thomas Keller, serves delicious meals at a fraction of the bill that his other restaurant, The French Laundry, charges. Go to Oxbow Public Market and enjoy gourmet food at any of its restaurants while you’re having a stop from your shopping, without the gourmet-level price. If you’re really into scrimping and saving, pack some munchies with you and go for a picnic at any of the wineries. Most wineries feature lovely decks, terraces, and other places that offer scenic views of Napa’s beautiful, natural scenery.

Traveling in Napa on a budget doesn’t mean you will be denied of a unique adventure! Save your money on other things so you can go on a hot air balloon ride as the sun rises over the beautiful Napa Valley. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers affordable hot air balloon and wine tour packages that won’t leave a dent to your budget!

If you just want to include a hot air balloon ride to your budgeted Napa Valley escapade, choose the basic package, the Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch. See the magic unfold as the balloon lifts off the ground, and you see the uninterrupted views of the vineyards in neat, immaculate rows and the rolling hills which are yours for the moment!

Not just that, you’ll be able to wake up to delicious pre-flight breakfast, and a brunch with sparkling wine in celebration of the successful and wonderful flight with the other guests. All this for only $209!

Napa is known for its world-class wines, wineries, and restaurants. Fortunately though, there are ways to save some dollars if you plan for “poor man’s” Napa trip. One of the ways is to score excellent Napa wine tour packages and other unbeatable deals that you can find along the way. Plus, with a bit of a strategy and creativity, you will be able to enjoy your Napa trip without getting broke.