Napa Wine Tour Packages and a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Too!

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is an operator who has been providing hot air balloon tours to visitors over the gorgeous landscape of the Californian wine country (the Napa Valley in particular). After 40 years BATV is still out flying competitors — and our hot air balloon flights as well as Napa wine tour packages are what our guests rave about.

For people who love wine, travel and adventure, you’ve come to the right place! Why not book a wine tour package with us?

BATV offers several hot air balloon and wine tour packages. But the two-day San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package is specifically created for tourists who want to visit the Wine Country all the way from downtown San Francisco. Visit two to four wineries in Napa and Sonoma as well as fly on a hot air balloon at sunrise. Learn about BATV’s this specific wine tour package and why it’s considered as special:

Day One:
BATV’s transportation partner, the Napa Wine Country Tours will pick you and the other guests up from three points, with their respective appointment hours: 4th at Mission – between corner and St. Patrick’s (8:10 am), Union Square – across from Macy’s (8:20 am), Pier 39, in front of Hard Rock Cafe (8:40 am). Napa Wine Country Tours’ fleet of limousines will transport you to the Wine Country.

Once in the limousine, you and the other guests will enjoy breakfast — bagels, cream cheese, croissants, fresh fruits and “mimosa” (cocktail that consists of equal parts champagne and orange juice). The chauffeur will stop at a vista point overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, where you will have the chance to take photos.

Your experienced and knowledgeable chauffeur will introduce you to several points of interest as he takes you through the Wine Country. Visit two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma, and discover the differences in their house wines as you tour from one winery to the next. A wine tasting is, of course, also included. Who knows, you may even pick an immediate favorite right off the wineries! You will be led to the Olive Press too, to have an olive-oil tasting.

A picnic lunch follows the wine tour. After that, you will be transported back to the hotel of your choice (hotel fees are not included).

Day Two

The day that you are waiting for — the hot air balloon ride! But before leaving for the hot air balloon site, have breakfast first! With freshly-baked pastries and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, you will have your senses awakened.

At the break of dawn, you’ll be picked up and be driven to the site where hot air balloons are still inflating. You’ll be amazed at the difficulty of work the crew takes to make the hot air balloon rise! As the balloon is blown and stands erect, then it’s time to hop into the basket! This is where adventure really starts…

The Napa Valley will be gradually shown under light from the rising sun. As the light slowly looms, you will now be able to see the well-manicured rows of verdant vineyards, valleys and rolling hills. As you gently float over the gorgeous landscape of the valley, you will also feel a sense of otherworldly serenity as you also greet the sunrise. Don’t forget to take pictures of the picturesque beauty!

The flight is wonderful that you wish that all good things didn’t have to come to an end, but it should. But wait… the fun continues as you celebrate a successful flight along with other guests with a post-flight brunch! Fresh and seasonal food, sparkling wine, happy guests — it is almost perfect!

You’d think that the post-flight brunch is the end of a wonderful day? Not yet! If you want to sightsee or shop our chauffeur will drop you off either to Oxbow Public Market or the Napa Valley Premium Outlets. Then, you will be taken to Ferry Terminal in Vallejo, California where you’ll take a ferry ride back to San Francisco.

Otherwise, if you want to go back to San Francisco right after the brunch, then you will be transported by a ferry back to the city. You will be provided with free ferry tickets whether you’ll be shopping first before going back to San Francisco or sail back to the city right away after the brunch.

With Balloons Above the Valley, you will get more than just the breathtaking hot air balloon rides. If you want to include flying in a hot air balloon over the valley, pick us and we’ll provide you the best among the other Napa wine tour packages ever.