Which Napa Valley Wine Tour Package Is Best?

The Napa Valley in California, USA is at the forefront of enotourism (wine tourism). But which Napa wine tour package is best? Napa Valley enjoys around three million visitors annually. So it is no wonder that the tourism industry here is flourishing, and hundreds of tourist-oriented businesses are mushrooming here and there.

All of these types of businesses have the same goals: to attract customers as well as to show them the beauty of the Napa Valley, and to showcase the wine industry. That’s why there are many packages that are specially designed for their clients. Each company offers something more to add to the usual wine tours package that will help them entice more clients. They will use special promotions, e.g., low rates for only a limited time, free perks, etc. to pull in customers.

Some companies such as the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours offer limousine/bus limo wine excursions. Tourists will ride in style in the comfort and luxury of a limousine while the chauffeur takes them to several vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Valley, and many others. They also offer special packages for groups for a lower price.

Inns and hotels offer special packages at popular rates. Some of them offer wine tours as well as world-class haute cuisine, vibrant nightlife activities plus live entertainment. The next morning guests will be greeted by breakfast in bed, spa and massage treatments, and even wine train tours. Some packages offer complimentary wine-tasting especially designed for exclusive members, or romance/Valentine’s Day packages for couples.

Whenever there’s a major festival going on in Napa such as the Napa Valley Film Festival and Festival Napa Valley, formerly Festival del Sole, lodgings like hotels and inns offer “special event” and “activity” packages. They are specially catered for customers who attend these festivals. Some of these types of packages also offer wine tours.

However, some swear that the best wine tour package out there includes a hot air balloon ride. Sure, this kind of activity is not as inexpensive as other wine tours packages, however not everyone can fly a hot air balloon. Good and stable weather is ALWAYS a key for a successful hot air balloon flight, and inflating and deflating these giants takes an hour or even longer.

Past visitors agree the cost and the effort are worth it! Imagine you’re flying way up in the sky and enjoying the bird’s-eye view of the awesome and beautiful Napa Valley landscape — the immaculate rows of grapevines, the lovely rolling hills, and the deep valleys. And you don’t see them from miles above the ground everyday! You will also feel the infinite peace and oneness with nature which is incomparable to the hustle and bustle on the ground.

If you are especially the adventurous type (plus have some cash to spare), you may crave a flight in the hot air balloon but at the same time you want the regular wine tours in the Wine Country. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is a pioneer company in providing hot air balloon rides for tourists in Napa, established in 1976 and still flying high. Part of the success of our company is the combination of hot air balloon flights and wine tours on the ground.

We offer some hot air balloon and wine tour packages with both fixed rates and custom pricing. One of our popular packages is the San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package, an all-inclusive package that consists of limo bus transportation from downtown San Francisco, wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, picnic lunches at the winery, olive oil tasting, pre-flight breakfast, a sunrise hot air balloon flight, a post-flight brunch, options for shopping and sightseeing, and a ferry ride back to San Francisco with free tickets. For $836 per two persons, you and your special someone will be able to enjoy the luxury without having to shell out an exorbitant fee.

Sure, other packages offer wine tours, but Balloons Above the Valley is one of the few companies who offer Napa wine tour packages that include wine tours both on and above the ground! This will make your Napa vacation fulfilling, enjoyable and truly memorable.